4PL supply chain solutions

Our dedicated logistics team and agile technology platform delivers consistent cost savings through continuous supply chain improvement and better insights and visibility.

Real-time data and AI insights

Deliver continuous ROI improvements through access to robust data

✓    Realize 10-15% ROI lift in the first year on the platform

✓    Inform capacity and order planning with prescriptive analytics

✓    Deliver a better customer experience through real-time tracking

Quantum Leap Into the Future of Freight
Greg Price, CEO of Shipwell, discusses the role of AI in building the future of freight

Our data science team is solving complex supply chain problems

The most rewarding part of the job is discovering user pain points and crafting features that make an impact for our customers. Improving workflow, alleviating frustration, and unlocking potential for them is deeply motivating.

Jacob Gordon, Director of Data Science and Analytics

Agile logistics platform

Unlock cost savings on a flexible, highly configurable platform

✓    Access to a dedicated logistics team powered by automation to drive results for your business at a lower cost

✓    Outsourcing of execution reduces staff touchpoints and allows you to uplevel your supply chain strategy

✓    Increased supply chain visibility speeds up communication with all internal and external stakeholders in your organization

Real-time tracking and data

Increase ROI and efficiencies through complete visibility on a single platform

✓    Combined TMS and visibility on a single platform

✓    Single source of truth accessible to all stakeholders

✓    Improved customer experience through real-time tracking

Shipwell difference

We’re transforming supply chains by bringing automation and visibility together in a fully connected logistics platform.

Reliable logistics partner
Replace chaos with a platform and partner network you can trust to drive supply chain excellence

Connected ecosystem
Enhance your core capabilities with better connectivity across people, systems, and workflows

Supply chain transformation
Reduce friction and waste across your entire supply chain through the Shipwell platform

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