When a shipper gives you access to their Shipwell load board, you’ll have access to view and bid on any loads they add to their board. Using Shipwell’s predictive matching algorithm, you’ll see loads sorted by your best matching loads by default.

How to Find Loads

Using Filters

You can filter down to see only the loads of interest for you. To use the filters, click on the filter icon on the top left to open it up.

Once the filters are open, you can filter for loads in a certain origin or destination, dates, etc. You can also save your filters so you can easily find the loads of interest for you the next time you come back.

You can save any combination of filters for the next time you come back, so if you’re often interested in same day loads picking up from a specific location, you can save your filtered view by clicking ‘Save’ at the top, and naming your filtered view.

Bidding On and Booking Loads

Once you have found a load you’d like to book, you can either bid on it, or instantly book it if there is a ‘Book Now’ price.

Bidding on Loads

You can bid on open loads by clicking the ‘Bid’ button on the left of the shipment, or you can click on the load to open up the side panel and click ‘Place a Bid’.

You can bid on as many loads as you want. And if you place a bid in error, or you aren’t able to fulfill a bid you made previously, you can always retract a bid by clicking ‘Retract’ next to your bid. **Note that you can find the loads on which you have active bids by filtering in the load board on the status of ‘Bidding’.

Book Now

To book a load instantly, you can click the green book now price on the left, or you can click on the load to open up a side panel with the details.

Clicking ‘Book Now’ will take you to a confirmation screen where you can confirm the details of the load, and book it instantly.

Once you book it, you’ll receive an email with the rate confirmation and the shipment is yours. Make sure that you can fulfill the load if you book it, as you are agreeing to carry the freight for the agreed upon price, and frequent cancelations will result in removal of your access to the Load Board.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us with any questions at support@shipwell.com.

Now available for all Shipwell platform customers!

The new Shipwell mobile app provides a significantly improved load tracking experience for carriers and their customers, utilizing geofencing and workflow automation to provide your shippers better visibility to their shipments.

Getting started

Shipments can be tracked with the mobile app by assigning a driver via their mobile phone number. To assign a driver to a shipment, navigate to the shipment on the web platform. On a shipment’s detail page, scroll down to the “Equipment” section, click the edit button, and enter in your driver’s cell phone number.

Your driver will receive a text with a link to download the app from the iPhone app store or the Google Play store.

Once the driver installs the app on their phone, the app prompts them to enter their phone number.

They’ll receive a text with their pin code after they enter their number — which will either automatically log them in, or they can enter the pin into the next screen.

Once logged in, the driver will see a list of shipments assigned to them via their phone number. Future shipments will appear in the upcoming section, while shipments with a status of ‘Dispatched,’ ‘At Pickup,’ or ‘In Transit’ will appear in the current section.

The driver will receive a notification a two hours before the appointment to confirm that they are on their way. If they’re assigned to a shipment within the two-hour window, a notification appears immediately.

Selecting ‘Yes’ will move the shipment into Dispatched.

If they miss this notification, they can navigate to the shipment and select “I’m on the way.”

If a driver isn’t able to confirm that they are on the way, the shipment will still begin geofence tracking when the appointment window starts. Automated tracking automatically move the shipment into the “At Pickup” status once they arrive.

Geofencing and stop completion

The app will automatically detect arrival and departure times for a stop based on a geofence radius. Once the driver leaves the stop, they’ll get a notification asking if they’ve completed the stop. They can also view and confirm the in and out times.

On the last stop, the driver is required to upload a Proof of Delivery to set the shipment to “Delivered” status. The driver can take a picture for their proof of delivery, or they can upload a file from their phone.

If you have any feedback or issues with the app, please call your Shipwell representative, or email us at support@shipwell.com.