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Drayage freight: 3 ways Shipwell simplifies container shipments

Drayage freight: 3 ways Shipwell simplifies container shipments

International shipping is one of the most tedious processes in the transportation industry. There are so many moving parts that have to be perfectly in sync or else some big problems could arise.

Because of that, Shipwell wants to take drayage freight and turn it into an easy, stress-free process. Shippers and 3PLs can feel confident knowing their products are secure and delivered on time.

Here are just three ways we help make drayage freight management smart, automated, and positioned to be your competitive advantage.

Trusted carriers

Shipwell’s drayage team is constantly building relationships with local drayage freight carriers near major ports. It’s because of this we’re able to offer unmatched service and deliver on high expectations for any drayage project.

What may seem like magic is just another day at work for the Shipwell team. With a dedicated team working one-on-one with carriers we trust to move your port freight to its final destination, you leverage the tools you need to save time and money.

Complex projects made easy

We work with many customers who receive regular, long-term drayage freight shipments for large scale projects. Through building relationships with drayage carriers around the country, we’re able to accomplish projects requiring transloading or other challenging facets of getting drayage freight from point A to B (or C, D, etc.)!

Whether you’re shipping parts for a massive roller coaster or have just a few containers coming in every month, no project is too large or small for Shipwell.

Real-time updates

Once your container freight enters a US port and is loaded onto the carrier’s truck, the Shipwell platform relays real-time tracking updates for all parties involved.

Freight tracking powered by the Shipwell carrier mobile app, APIs, automated check calls, ELD integrations, and EDI integrations makes it easy to know exactly where your freight is.

Even when your freight is in transit over the ocean, our managed services team is able to send freight shipping updates as your containers near American ports.

Overall, Shipwell’s goal is to develop relationships with carriers and provide best-in-class service in drayage freight. We work with shippers who want full control of their supply chain by providing tools, technology, and services to optmize their shipping processes.

Have drayage freight projects? Let us show you how we can help.