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New shipping mode: Shipwell now offers drayage

New shipping mode: Shipwell now offers drayage

Shipwell is very excited to offer drayage shipping to our customers!

Our team wants to take charge of the drayage process of your shipments and offer all of the same smart tracking and automation benefits that come with being a Shipwell customer.

Drayage is one of the most taxing steps in getting port or rail freight to its final destination. Let us take the burden of container transport off your hands and feel comfortable knowing that we are going to get your product where it needs to go on time.

Current customers are saying great things about how we do drayage

“Container was just delivered. Whatever magic you just used, great thanks. We can get the container unloaded today and do not have to work over the weekend. Thanks again for the superior service.” – ExxonMobil

The drayage process involves a lot of people, and documents change hands all the time. With Shipwell, you can consolidate those documents and manage them throughout the whole shipment. We also offer 24/7 support and visibility through the platform or on the phone with a representative.

For shippers

Our goal with drayage is to take the headache out of your freight by offering unparalleled customer service and reliability. We establish mutual partnerships between shippers and carriers to foster long-term solutions to drayage shipping.

Not only do we want to handle the logistics of your drayage freight, but we also want to build a partnership with you. At Shipwell, we have no interest in offering a cheap service without accountability or visibility. We have a network of trusted carriers ready for loads and a team dedicated to handling all logistics to ensure a pain-free drayage shipment.

For carriers

We want to work with carriers who want to build a relationship and book guaranteed lanes for the long-term. By choosing Shipwell for your drayage loads, carriers can get consistent work in advance and be able to schedule their business and their lives.

Ready to let us handle the logistics of your drayage freight? Let’s get in touch!