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Giving Thanks to our Carrier Partners

Giving Thanks to our Carrier Partners

In the spirit of the holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and express gratitude to our partners. Relationships and trust are at the heart of our business, and that core belief extends to our customers and carriers alike. It is because of the hard work of our carrier partners that we are able to deliver delight and optimize workflows for our customers.

Jake, a U.S. dispatcher based in Serbia, is a perfect example of someone who deserves our gratitude. He has been a trusted partner of Shipwell for years, and is the definition of a hard-worker. After years of working together, our partnership with him extends beyond freight and ventures into friendship. He is someone we can turn to to make things right, and is also someone we can share laughs with.

For Jake, living in another country can come with some challenges around work-life balance. In fact, oftentimes carriers like Jake aren’t able to take time off around the holidays to spend time with their families. Jake is just one of many dispatchers who work behind the scenes everyday to keep the economy and goods we use everyday moving. The spotlight doesn’t usually shine on their efforts, which is why we want to take time to acknowledge all of our carrier partners and express our gratitude.

Shipwell cares about our partners

Our dispatchers and carriers routinely make a positive impact on the economy. Their jobs are highly important, and partnering closely with them inspires us every day to work harder and be better at what we do.

Shipwell constantly takes in the feedback of our users so we can make a better product for them to use on a daily basis. We set out to create a platform that provides users with a centralized place to run their supply chain, and this solution wouldn’t be possible without the partnership from our trusted carriers.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, we thank all of our partners for their support!  We are so grateful to work with some of the best people in the industry. Happy Thanksgiving!