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Company culture: A look inside employee life at Shipwell

Company culture: A look inside employee life at Shipwell

Many companies post a list of their core values on their website. Visitors will see a list of things that the company seeks to achieve. While those are admirable goals, Shipwell is more interested in things we can do today to discover our values along the way.

Shipwell believes in core behaviors: the actions you take, what you find important, and how you interact with coworkers and customers. These behaviors drive our culture and define our company in a snapshot while forming the cornerstone of Shipwell to becoming a world-class business.

Here’s our list of core behaviors that we at Shipwell believe move us toward an authentic and valuable company.

Build the future and never settle

The freight industry is one of the most fragmented industries ever to exist. Let’s fix it.

While some players in the freight world are okay with mismanaged, opaque business, Shipwell won’t settle for it. Not only do we want to connect, clarify, and align the current industry, but we want to build the future of it to make it easier to understand moving forward!

Be a shipping hero

Not knowing where your valuable freight is located during its journey is a headache. Shipwell wants to fight that problem (and many more) head-on and rescue customers from freight peril!

We want to be a shipping superhero. We have a user-friendly platform and a customer service team that is available to talk 24/7.

When we form a relationship with a customer, it’s not just during business hours. Shipwell provides excellence from the jump and works toward solutions when problems arise. We have created a system that promotes success from the start that everyone in the office contributes to.

Fast-paced excellence

To some, the phrase “fast-paced excellence” might seem like a juxtaposition. For Shipwell, it simply means we want to keep up with the ever-changing industry we work in to provide opportunities and solutions as they come.

What does that look like? We don’t cut corners, present sloppy work, or make decisions without incorporating our team. It means collaborating during testing and working from the feedback to create a world-class service and product.

Additionally, we want to make a difference in our customers’ business. Bringing effort or meaning alone won’t cut it – we make hard choices to drive customer impact and add value overall.

Seek learning

Shipwell employs lifelong learners.

To tether back to our “never settle” behavior, we feel like there is always room to grow our knowledge base of the industry as well as extra-curricular interests.

When a community is committed to learning, it creates an environment where individuals are driven to expand and grow, and yes, even make mistakes.

Candid, open, and careful communication

Being open and honest with our teammates is what helps cultivate our success in collaboration. Clear and empathetic communication not only amplifies our message to our team, but it promotes respect within the workplace.

Radical candor is saying what you think while also caring about the person you’re saying it to. Shipwell is made up of real people who want to help other real people with freight solutions! We just so happen to have some AI helping us out!

Grow roses

While we don’t have a garden in the Shipwell office (although, that would be pretty cool), we want always to grow roses.

Freight is messy, unsophisticated, and can be outright surly sometimes, but we want to be better than that.

Shipwell grows roses by bringing order to chaos in a delightful, infectious way. We believe if you create an environment of courtesy and collaboration, great things can happen. Afterall, it takes sunshine and rain to make flowers bloom.

As you can see, we know by creating the right environment with the right people, we can launch the freight industry into the future.

Does all of this sound like a fun and challenging place to work? Well, guess what? Shipwell is hiring!

We are looking for the best people to join our team and help develop our award-winning platform and freight services.