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Coming Soon: Orders and EDI Integrations

Coming Soon: Orders and EDI Integrations

The Shipwell team is kicking off 2019 with a bang. We’re constantly working on features and updates to simplify freight and give companies a competitive edge with their supply chain operations.

Here are two new features we’re deploying soon for general availability in the Shipwell platform. Want to be notified of these releases and upcoming deployments? Sign up for the Shipwell newsletter!


Currently, users in the Shipwell platform are able to create and book shipments in just minutes. But many of our Shipwell community members have requested a way to manage orders through the platform and turn orders into shipments in a snap.

The wait is almost over! The new Shipwell orders functionality is in limited availability and will be coming to the platform for all of our users soon.

How it works: Orders will allow companies to integrate orders for goods to populate in the Shipwell platform. When an order needs to be shipped, users can create a new order within the Shipwell platform with the good’s product description, origin and destination information, and customer and supplier information.

Once the order is in Shipwell, an order can be used to generate a quote and a shipment. Multiple orders may also be combined into a single shipment.

This feature is coming soon to all Shipwell users. Sign up to stay in-the-know on its general release!

EDI integrations

Do you use Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) in your logistics processes, such as orders, load tenders, shipment statuses, and more? Soon, you’ll be able to integrate your EDI with Shipwell.

We’ve reversed engineered EDI integrations into the Shipwell platform to better meet our customers’ unique needs.

It’s our goal to support Shipwell users by making data connections to best suit their unique needs.

What would you like to see implemented into the Shipwell platform next? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet at @justShipwell to let us know!