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Asset visibility: Power unit tracking now available

Asset visibility: Power unit tracking now available

Shipwell is focused on providing full visibility on freight. We provide several tracking methods via ELD, our native mobile app, APIs, EDI, and AI-powered check calls. Naturally, we didn’t want to stop there.

Now available is the ability to track the power unit assigned to each shipment via ELD.

In the Shipwell platform, simply enter the name of the carrier to get started. Then, input the power unit number from the driver or dispatcher and begin tracking the individual power unit. Users of the Shipwell platform can use instant in-app messaging right to carriers using the Shipwell mobile app for easy communication.

Shipwell is rapidly connecting carriers ELDs to our platform, and we are creating a network of transparent supply chain systems that our customers get to enjoy. Shipwell has one of the largest digital fleets connected by ELD — growing every day.

Additionally, tracking power units helps shippers and 3PLs with load matching these carriers to optimize their time on the road and keep their trucks full.

Enabling tracking to your shipping solution is a game changer for how shippers and 3PLs manage their freight. With real-time visibility at the click of a button, the world of freight is demystified, and businesses can run with more efficiency than ever.