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How Shipwell unlocks real-time visibility and automation

How Shipwell unlocks real-time visibility and automation

If you’re on the logistics team at your company, work at a freight brokerage, or are a one-person powerhouse managing and tracking your company’s entire freight supply chain, you have a lot on your plate.

Coordinating between carriers or brokers takes hours out of your day, even to answer a simple question: Where is my freight?

At Shipwell, we’re here to empower shippers and 3PLs with tools and features that solve real-world challenges they face every day.

Providing real-time tracking on every load ensures visibility to your customers, your internal teams managing freight, and your brokerage.

How can shippers and brokers achieve high-level transparency without sacrificing precious time out of their day?

Here are three ways you can activate real-time tracking in the Shipwell platform to achieve 100% visibility into your freight.

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1. ELD integrations

Shipwell partners with the top ELD providers in America to bring real-time freight tracking into the platform for every shipment.

With ELD integrations in Shipwell’s carrier network of more than 800,00 trucks, every load can be tracked, including detailed information about driver hours of service (HOS).

ELD integrations also ensure transparency between all parties: shippers and brokers know how many hours a driver can be on the road for, and their location.

Therefore, drivers don’t have to worry about providing as many manual updates; their activity is consistently tracked, letting them get back to the road.

Furthermore, with an ELD integration, Shipwell is able to provide analytics to shippers and brokers unavailable anywhere else.

To start, with the vast amounts of data collected from the ELD, you get critical information on truck dwell time. Here’s a preview of ELD-based data from the Shipwell platform:

Finally, shippers and brokers can optimize their carrier network relations by geographically analyzing areas where dwell time is affecting their supply chain.

Learn more about our ELD integrations here. If you’re working with a carrier and their ELD isn’t part of the Shipwell network yet, let us know! We’ll take care of all integration processes so you can get back to work quickly.

2. Shipwell mobile app

Carriers also have the ability to utilize our free iOS or Android app, and can accomplish so much right from their phone. In addition to providing real-time cell tracking on every load, carriers can:

  • Receive notifications for new loads
  • Electronically sign BOLs
  • Take photos of improperly loaded freight
  • Automatically upload freight documents on delivery
  • Dispatch their fleet and know where they are

Our mobile app ties directly into our web platform, aligning your carriers’ efforts on the road into visible updates for you. When carriers use the Shipwell app, you also get access to real-time messaging between the driver and your team!

3. Automated check calls

This AI-powered feature was a hit at MarketWaves 2018, earning Shipwell the audience-voted Best In Show Demo Award.

Using natural language processing, automated check calls empower drivers to provide quick updates over the phone. A call made to a driver will request their location. A driver can respond over the phone with simple information, and that’s it!

Then, Shipwell technology captures a driver’s response within the platform, the load’s timeline is automatically updated as needed, and drivers can get back to the road.

You’ll save hours making check calls out of your day. Calls can also be made on the spot or can be scheduled at certain times of day.

In addition, these calls work on any phone, anywhere, any time.

Watch how it works below:

We’ll be pushing this feature to all Shipwell users early this year.

Let’s build the future of freight together.

Interested in finally leveraging smarter freight management tools to automate your entire supply chain?

Connect with the Shipwell team, tell us about your challenges, and we’ll show you what’s possible with smarter freight management.

This post was updated in February 2019. Recently, cell phone carriers have begin disabling cell ping tracking for location sourcing. Read more about this change in our interview with FreightWaves here.