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Shipwell voted fan-favorite Best in Show demo at MarketWaves18

Shipwell voted fan-favorite Best in Show demo at MarketWaves18

The Shipwell team headed to Dallas, TX for industry-leading freight conference MarketWaves this week, and scored Best in Show Demo!

Shipwell participated in the highly competitive quick-fire Demo Day, taking the stage for just eight minutes to showcase the best of the Shipwell platform for shippers, brokers, and carriers.

During the demo, the crowd was surprised with a real-time demonstration of an automated check call leveraging AI and natural language processing.

Through the Shipwell platform, Jason Traff, Co-founder and President of Shipwell, requested a check call for a test shipment to the “driver” to see the status of the load.

Because so many truck drivers on the road do not use a smartphone, he highlighted this with the automated check call technology by testing it on a non-smartphone device (i.e., a flip phone).

Shipwell’s AI technology asks the driver for their status on a load. During the demo, Jason (as the driver) said he was in Dallas at MarketWaves, and was not going to be on time for his delivery. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, the Shipwell platform was able to gather the information and update the status of the delivery to include a delay with an updated ETA.

The driver does not have to be in the Shipwell platform or be using the mobile app for a shipper or carrier to perform the automated call. All they need is a working phone number for the driver.

This call was initiated with AI to collect the drivers location and ETA, which then updates the status on the load and the new delivery time.

“It used to be for freight automation to work well, you had to have no problems. But, problems will happen in freight. You need to react dynamically in real-time to get ahead of the game,” Traff said on stage.

Using the automated call functionality in-house, Shipwell cut down on time spent performing manual driver check calls by 50%. If a driver’s ETA will impact the delivery, the technology flags the shipment in the platform, allowing teams to handle the situation from there.

This new functionality will be available to Shipwell’s users later this year.

Addressing a real-world, time-consuming challenge for shippers and brokers, this new feature was a crowd favorite in the nearly 40 demos presented Monday. Shipwell was chosen as a top 4 best in show demo by MarketWaves attendees!

We’re here to solve the biggest challenges for shippers, carriers, and brokers. In an industry that has a lot of room to evolve, we’ll be there on the cutting edge with the smartest solutions for freight,” said Greg Price, Co-founder and CEO of Shipwell, said. “Without our community of partners, customers, and our strong internal team, the strides we’ve made so quickly would not have been possible.”

Read more about the Shipwell demo on FreightWaves.

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