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SXSW 2019: New innovations in freight tech

SXSW 2019: New innovations in freight tech

If you didn’t know, Shipwell is headquartered is in the heart of beautiful downtown Austin, Texas. Now that spring is just around the corner; the whole city is preparing for SXSW 2019 to take over our streets.

Creators and innovators file into our city for two weeks of intense learning and showcasing of talents and ideas. You’ll see anything from entry-level bands trying to get in front of the right record label to high-level thinkers giving keynotes on how to improve the planet.

With that, we made a list highlighting events that players in the transportation and logistics  industry are hosting that you should check out.

And, if you’ll be in Austin on March 8, be sure to register for the official SXSW Startup Crawl and select Shipwell as your starting office! We’ll have food, drinks, games, and networking at our brand new HQ.

Future of mobility is a smart device on wheels

When we think of the future of transportation, we think about autonomy and electric-powered motors. Join Carsten Breitfeld and Daniel Kirchert of Byton, as they present a future in automobiles that may not be too far fetched. They believe our smart cars will be seamlessly integrated into our lives and become a natural extension of our habits – similarly to how our smartphones have changed our lives.

Tired of the self-driving car rhetoric? Truck that

Similarly, folks in the freight world have heard plenty about autonomous trucking. Big name tech players like Google, Uber, and Tesla have looked toward self-driving truck technology because they believe that that business model will see a return on investment faster than cars. Also, “Truck That” is our favorite session name!

Sharing the road with driverless trucks: Really?

As driverless trucks begin test driving on public roads, people want to know the benefits to this futuristic addition to our lives. Thought leaders from pioneering companies will answer these questions about safety, affordability, and provide a grounded look at the future of artificial intelligence in the transportation sector.

The future of robotics and logistics

Logistics pros are seeing a massive influx in volume flowing through their warehouses. Driven by growing e-commerce and big industry players raising the bar, the supply chain is forced to evolve. Experts discuss how logistics providers must leverage robotic tech and their skilled workforce together to create more automated workflows.

Survival of the fittest: mobility in cities

As automobile technology moves towards electric motors and driverless technology, what is going to change in our cities? More shared cars, trains making a comeback, more bike lanes?

Experts in transportation talk about what’s working well, what’s left to be done, and who’s left behind. Does this mean our highways will soon be more tailored for freight shipping? It could mean seeing safer highways and quicker shipping times.

Flying taxis and ambulance drones: SciFi 2 Reality

Science fiction flying taxis could be in the air in the near future, but drones delivering ultra-sensitive material might already be here. See how last mile delivery could be the work of urban air mobility and how laws and technology must work together.

SXSW Pitch

The 11th annual SXSW Pitch event showcases advancements in various sectors of emerging technology.

This year, CargoX is showing off its revolutionary Smart Bill of Lading technology. CargoX is a blockchain platform for the shipping industry and offers high-end data security and documentation transportation speed. Freight businesses will get a chance to see how payment and data transfer will soon be more efficient than ever.

Stop by Shipwell on the official SXSW Startup Crawl

We love being in a city that promotes innovation and creativity, which is why we plan on participating too! Join us the day before the official start of SXSW for the SXSW Startup Crawl!

On Friday, March 8, take a self-guided tour of the best startups in Austin. Hop on a shuttle to each stop, have a drink and some snacks, drop off a resume, and explore new opportunities!

Guess what! You can come to visit Shipwell on the Startup Crawl! Select Shipwell as your starting location when you RSVP and check out our amazing office. We can’t wait to meet you!