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The future of freight is delightful!

The future of freight is delightful!

This is an article written by one of our employees, Tyler Wolfe, on his experiences in freight before and after joining Shipwell. 

When I started at Shipwell, I had very little direct experience with the freight industry, but I’d been around it my entire life. My dad has driven a truck since before I can remember, and I can distinguish a Kenworth from a Peterbilt or Mac. I know the lingo and the etiquette of how to drive next to a big truck, which has led to more than my fair share of “brake light thank you’s” from truckers. These are all things that come with growing up in a trucker’s household.

That being said, my Dad stopped going across the country when I was born. He didn’t like being so far away from home so he stuck with the local routes and mostly got out of the freight world altogether. So despite my proximity to trucks, shipping freight represented a hole in my education.

Enter Shipwell.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve received a crash course on the freight world. New terminology along with a slew of new and interesting problems that can come up and how to resolve them.

It was overwhelming at first, but like with most things you figure it out as you go. The team here at Shipwell was and continues to be one of the best in the industry with a steady eye on the future and everything new coming down the pipeline.

Our biggest company goal and a frequent conversation centerpiece is, “how can we make shipping freight delightful?”

We know that moving freight is not usually easy, straightforward, or delightful, and the amount of problems that can happen is astronomical. There are a lot of people and moving parts involved, and something is bound to go wrong if hands are not held throughout the entire process – even then it’s not a guarantee.  All of us at Shipwell believe we have the best technology platform available for booking and tracking LTL and FTL freight shipments, and our customer service is fantastic because from quote to delivery and even after, we are happy to answer our customers questions.

We don’t play favorites with our customers, we value every one of them and often go above-and-beyond to help them out.

Proactivity is very important to us

We monitor our platform for any carrier problems and work to get ahead of them. If we can’t get ahead of it, we are always available to talk with our customers and work them out. 

Delightful freight shipping is a lofty goal, but it’s a reachable one.

Even though sometimes freight shipping can feel like climbing a mountain in flip flops, we are here to help our customers everyday. We understand that your business is important to you, and that your time is precious. We are here to make your life easier and take an aspect of your world that can cause you frustration and anger and turn it into a delightful experience that you will no longer dread dealing with.

If you’re interested in a position at Shipwell, consider letting us know more about you! And if you’re interested in learning more about how Shipwell can help your business ship freight, schedule some time to speak with us!