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Top Shipwell highlights from 2021

Top Shipwell highlights from 2021

As we leap headfirst into a brand new year, we’d like to take a look back at some of our biggest highlights from the past year. From explosive growth and exciting new product releases to insightful commentary and industry insights, here are our top 21 updates from 2021.

Q4 2021

Shipwell named North America’s 4th fastest growing tech company

After growing 32,670% over a three-year period, Shipwell is proud to be recognized as one of North America’s fastest-rising and most innovative companies.
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Outlining solutions for supply chains stretched to their limit

Shipwell CEO and Cofounder Greg Price provided guidance on how to stay on track during 2021’s challenging holiday season in this article with Forbes.
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Get detailed reports on your supply chain performance

The holidays may be over, but supply chains don’t stop. Get access to over 50 reports on everything from savings to carrier performance so you can stay ahead.
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Don’t let bad weather hold you back

Winter is no stranger to disruptive weather, and the food supply chain is most vulnerable. Shipwell President and Cofounder Jason Traff outlines how to keep yours on track.
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Q3 2021

Visibility for what lies ahead

Gain precise at-a-glance ETAs that factor for upcoming traffic and weather across every stop for improved dock scheduling, and a better customer experience.
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Strategies for success

Uncover peak season strategies to not only source reliable, cost-effective capacity for your LTL, parcel and final mile shipments, but to deliver on time, every time.
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Weathering the storm

Extreme weather is on the rise, and supply chains are at risk. Shipwell President and Co-Founder, Jason Traff outlines how to stay on track in this article with Industrial Distribution.
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Uncover greater efficiency

Minimize costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve overall performance and reduce your carbon footprint. Are you ready to optimize your supply chain?
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How to scale with AI

Shipwell CEO and Cofounder, Greg Price discusses how AI can help companies of any size to scale and lower costs effectively with Industrial Distribution.
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Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This year more than ever, we give our thanks to the truckers who have kept America moving forward during one of the most challenging years in memory.
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Q2 2021

Stop disruptions in their tracks

In the latest advancement in exception management technology, Compass Dashboard brings new AI-powered capabilities to proactively identify potential issues and provide a method for correcting them — all on one screen.
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How to bridge the gap

How can you deliver on increasing customer expectations, while also managing costs and limiting disruption? 57% of attendees have already started initiatives to do so, and in this webinar we show you how.
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Matching tech to maturity

Review the 4 stages to follow to effectively bring analytics and automation to your supply chain in a new SDCExec article with Shipwell CEO and Cofounder Greg Price.
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Shipwell discusses next steps

Shipwell President and Cofounder, Jason Traff, joins other tech leaders in discussing the role of technology in easing the transition back to work as the country reopens with USA Today.
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Keep your finger on the pulse

From climate impact to policy shifts, stay on top of the latest news impacting the supply chain industry and navigate changes with our new weekly Market Pulse updates program.
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Q1 2021

A niche player in a competitive industry

Easy integration, outstanding customer feedback, and powerful capabilities sees Shipwell ranked as a top-performing TMS provider.
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Gain pricing power at scale

Designed to enable growth in a volatile market, our new tools take the guesswork out of your pricing strategy with forecasts, benchmarks, and more.
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New strategies for a volatile market

Learn how our platform helps to create a resilient procurement strategy for today’s market with head of data science Jacob Gordon.
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Make compliance a breeze

With new automation capabilities, maintaining a trusted network of safe and compliant carriers is now easier — and more cost effective — than ever.
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Ecommerce and customer experience drives change

JOC interviews co-founder Jason Traff on Shipwell’s record growth over the past year as more shippers seek our solutions in adapting to the new normal.
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The story behind the company

Shipwell founders Jason Traff and Greg Price provide their unique backstories, and outline their mission to create a truly connected supply chain.
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