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Marcus Technologies

“Shipwell has helped us scale in a way that we didn’t think was possible.” - Billy Marcus, CEO

Delivering value across customer supply chains

On top of delivering an award-winning platform to our customers, we add value with our world-class customer service. As experts in the supply chain, we know that good business is done through solid relationships. That's why we are committed to building relationships that are just as powerful as our technology.

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Real customer stories of supply chain transformation

Marcus Technologies

Shipwell helped Marcus Technologies reduce food waste while scaling their business


MMLJ dramatically improved their supply chain through increased visibility

L&K Electric

L&K Electric consolidates their freight operations to deliver better customer service


How WIC sources additional capacity with automated rating and best-in-class services​


Lumi saves time and resources using Shipwell's automation and real-time tracking

What our customers are saying about Shipwell

5 star review


Food & Beverage

We have been using Shipwell for several months now. The service that they provide is spectacular. Love the tracking. I can always give an up to date progress of the shipment to my customers that are expecting products. Shipwell is world class in what they do.

5 star review


Food & Beverage

I like that it keeps me away from my email and allows me to communicate with carriers in an organized fashion. It also saves time and allows me to work on other projects to help our company grow.

4 star review


Consumer goods

What I like most is the ease of use of Shipwell. If you have zero logistics background, you can still easily navigate the system and book your own shipments.

5 star review


Food production

I like it mainly because it is so easy to use. All areas are easy to access and once you input the information the first time it is stored.

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