ELD connections for a seamless, transparent supply chain​​

Always-connected, truck-level visibility into every shipment

'Where is my freight?'

Freight tracking doesn’t have to be opaque.

With integrations to top ELD providers (and more added every month), shippers and 3PLs get instant visibility in the Shipwell platform.

Get the data you need to make proactive, smart decisions and propel your supply chain forward.

Shipwell ELD integration partners

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Don't see your ELD provider?

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Benefits of ELD tracking

Shippers & 3PLs


Real-time tracking

Know exactly where shipments are, anytime.


Fewer manual check-ins

Locations update in platform automatically.

Carrier recommendations
Discover new carriers through match scores.

Group 7

Better data for analytics

More accurate info to understand on-time performance.



Automatic updates

Provide real-time tracking to customers.


Less check calls
Focus on the road without distractions.


More better-matching loads

Receive loads based on geographic location.

Group 6

Load Board access
Get on private shipper/3PL load boards.

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