Manage your FTL freight operations efficiently with Shipwell

Leverage over 2 million FTL carriers for better rates, instant tracking, and seamless shipping

Private Load Board for FTL freight

Automate your logistics workflows by posting your freight to a private, personalized Load Board and give access to preferred carriers.

Open up access to your freight bids to the Shipwell carrier network for fast quotes.

Carriers can bid on loads or book instantly at your customizable “book now” price. 

Receive the best quotes fast, and get your freight moving quickly.

Real-time tracking

Instant shipment tracking to users via ELD integrations, our native mobile apps, APIs, EDI, AI-powered check calls, and more.

Get full visibility on every shipment and provide customer-facing tracking links for an elevated experience.

Updates on statuses populate in the Shipwell timeline for at-a-glance viewing.


In-app messaging

Shippers, 3PLs, and carriers can all communicate in the Shipwell platform to provide centralized updates on shipment information.

Get in touch with drivers instantly to communicate special instructions or resolve any issues that arise on the road.

Send automatic shipment notifications to your stakeholders.


Analytical dashboard

With millions of data points constantly being generated, Shipwell users get insights into spend, performance, and trends in an easy-to-view dashboard.

Make informed, data-driven decisions to drive improvements in your supply chain.

Embrace a better understanding of your FTL supply chain with detailed insights from Shipwell. 

Shipwell is the managed TMS that your business needs

Centralized shipping

Connect shipment parties, manage multiple modes single pane of glass.

Save money, grow business

Discover inefficiencies in your supply chain to save money and grow your business.

Add value to your brand

Make your shipping a competitive advantage by providing real-time tracking to customers.

We are partnered with the leading ELD providers

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