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2018 highlights: Connecting and automating the world’s supply chains

2018 highlights: Connecting and automating the world’s supply chains

Andy Rouse is Senior Product Manager at Shipwell, where he oversees product strategy and delivery of the Shipwell connected freight platform.

At Shipwell, our goal of connecting and automating the world’s supply chains is a big vision, one in which we are maniacally focused and dedicated to achieving for our customers.

We’ve spent the past couple of quarters building in several new critical capabilities, introducing our automated intelligence layer — oh, and not to mention, winning Best In Show Demo at the MarketWaves 2018 conference.

Watch the recording below:

Thanks to everyone in the Shipwell community for a fantastic 2018. Your feedback, trust, and support are essential for our teams to continue bringing you the latest in freight tech!

It’s been a busy year, and there’s a lot more to come. Here’s a little about what we’ve been up to over the past few months.

Automated check calls

While not the most prominent feature, we unveiled this capability at the Marketwaves Demo Day, and were one of four companies to win Best In Show.

This feature enables customers to schedule automated check calls to drivers, and use the driver’s voice response to determine location and ETA.

The feature will alert shippers or 3PLs only when there’s a problem — enabling customers to get one step closer to lights-off logistics.

Merging machine learning with solving a real-world, outdated challenge of making dozens of check calls a day, automated check calls will help users save hours out of their day.

In addition, carriers will be able to focus back on the road, and loads will receive the transparent tracking needed for delivering delight.

Automated calling is expected to be generally available to our subscription platform customers in early 2019.


E-commerce shippers, rejoice! Shippers with Shopify stores can enable their customers to receive instant rates and book shipments in a matter of seconds. Freight can be booked directly from the Shopify checkout process.

E-commerce shoppers also receive real-time tracking updates on their shipments for full visibility.

Learn more about our Shopify integration here, and get started in minutes.

New dashboard

We incorporated an improved, cleaner design throughout our platform, making it more visually pleasing and easier to navigate.

Finally, users can now customize the dashboard to view only the columns they want, in the order that best works for their needs.

Spot quote auction enhancements

Quoting just got even easier.

Shippers can run shipment auctions and obtain spot quotes from their carriers, booking their freight quickly and simply.

Supply chain analytics

Visibility into supply chain costs and performance is essential. It can transform shippers’ supply chains from a liability into a competitive advantage.

As a result, in the Shipwell platform, customers can view dashboards and reports around costs, performance, and efficiency. The vast analytics capabilities allow customers to quickly see any key performance indicators of interest, and track how they’re doing.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Supply chain analytics will be available for platform subscribers in early 2019.

Real-time tracking

The Shipwell platform offers various unique methods of tracking shipments: our mobile app, ELD integrations, cell phone tracking, and the automated check call capabilities (coming soon in 2019).

Shipwell also provides real-time visibility and geofenced timeline updates for everyone on the platform to see exactly where a shipment is.

What’s next?

We’re constantly working on cutting-edge technology here at Shipwell.

But, we remain grounded and aim to solve real-world challenges in the world of freight. We’re frequently speaking with customers and gathering vast amounts of feedback from you.

Look out for more product updates here on the Shipwell site, and sign up for our newsletter below to stay up-to-date on everything new at Shipwell!

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