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3 Key Takeaways from the Shipwell FreightWaves Demo

3 Key Takeaways from the Shipwell FreightWaves Demo

 FreightWaves Live, the premier freight conference of the year, featured many giants in the industry giving quick-fire demos and keynote presentations. Trends were shared, industry predictions were laid out, and we rubbed shoulders and collaborated with some of the best in the business.

Last year Shipwell was honored to accept a Best in Show Demo award and hoped to exceed that high bar we set for ourselves this year.  Jason Traff, Shipwell’s President and Co-founder, took to the stage once again for just eight short minutes to demonstrate the power of Shipwell’s customizable automation engine. His demo focused on 3 key platform features:

  1. Customization of touch points based on specific pain points
  2. Consolidation of the entire supply chain in a single connected platform
  3. Automation of carrier communication with Natural Language Processing

Shipwell’s mission is to consolidate your entire supply chain in a single pane of glass and utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring you to the next level of performance and visibility. In the demo, Jason pulled up Shipwell’s platform and walked the audience through the user-friendly automation tools. His demo focused on customizations to address specific pain points of shippers, 3PL’s and carriers alike. He previewed the Shipwell platform to the audience and spoke to how the web application consolidates a user’s entire supply chain in a single connected platform.

Using facetime to share his phone screen with the audience, Jason walked through the process of automating communication with carriers using Natural Language Processing.  The platform provides users aid in automating check-ins, whether that means parsing down emails to sending text messages or automatic calls based on the user’s needs. The application can even translate a thumbs up emoji sent from a cell phone to affirm status and trigger an automated response asking the carrier to upload a photo of their POD.

Next in the demo, the POD information was automatically populated onto the platform from a cell phone picture upload, and a text was sent to ask for any feedback, detention, or damages to relay back. And all of this was done with no hassle or action from a shipper. 

This journey and carrier communication is completely customizable on the Shipwell platform to meet your specific pain points, and we’ve found that over 50% of automated responses from our pre-dispatch calls and POD collection have ALL of the information we need to complete a shipment. This means that you have TWICE as much time to focus on the tasks that really matter to your business.

In this demo Jason stressed, “The goal of Shipwell is to allow every user to feel like they have a control tower view of every supply chain whatever it looks like.” This demo showcased a lot of powerful tools that are built to save our customers time and money…and we are just getting started.

Read more about the Shipwell demo on FreightWaves.

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