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Freight tech: 3 takeaways from Shipwell’s SXSW blockchain event

Freight tech: 3 takeaways from Shipwell’s SXSW blockchain event

Shipwell had the pleasure of hosting a meetup for BiTA members (Blockchain in Transport Alliance) last week and attendees learned a lot about the future of technology and innovation in freight.

Take a look at the three takeaways we have from the innovations in freight technology we are hearing about this year at SXSW 2019.

Freight disruption is here

We use a buzzword like “disruption,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing.

As BiTA explained, innovations like blockchain in freight can change the way shippers, 3PLs, and carriers all handle payments in the future. With smart contracts, transactions can live on blockchain and provide visibility that wasn’t there before.

When the industry gets more transparent, we can start eliminating any ambiguity in the industry and finally be able to do good business.

Shipwell is already disrupting the freight world by offering real-time freight tracking to shippers and brokers. Take the guesswork out of shipment ETAs, loading and unloading, and other check call related information. Shipwell has several solutions for freight tracking, scheduling, and data sharing that the industry has needed for years. Now that’s disruption.

Industry-wide digitization is coming

Digitization is going to play a key role as companies seek to automate their supply chain processes. The entire market will see a shift from having data on excel sheets on disconnected computers and paper files in cabinets. Instead, there will be sharable data and information on cloud-based systems.

Shipwell is very excited about that. As a cloud-based solution, Shipwell uses data from companies to improve supply chains. The more data there is from the industry, the better and more accurate analysis we can deliver to the user.

BiTA Executive Lincoln Duff predicts that by 2025, companies in the freight world will be fully digitized. In 2019, Shipwell is already on the leading edge of digitization and is helping customers leverage the competitive advantage over those who wait to move.

I used to have to wait 2-3 days to get quotes back, but with Shipwell, rates come back fast and usually cheaper than expected.

Jake Spencer, Customer Service and Logistics Manager, Western Industries Corporation

Innovation will continue

Further, innovators will connect the freight industry as it gets more familiar with tech like AI and centralized systems. Shippers, brokers, and carriers want to free up capital and lower costs in order to streamline their growth and revenue.

In short, Shipwell is working hard solving small things to help organization to enterprise solutions that optimize entire supply chains.