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Freight tech: How centralizing operations can transform your logistics department

Freight tech: How centralizing operations can transform your logistics department

In the fast-moving supply chain world, shippers cannot afford to have inefficiencies in their operations.

From single warehouse shippers to companies with several distribution centers across the country, it is critical to centralize logistics operations so that every team member could easily manage shipping and receiving operations.

Shipwell is the best solution for getting companies to automate their workflows in one centralized platform. Check out the benefits of using Shipwell as your dedicated logistics tool.

Streamline processes across multiple personnel

Businesses that have several shipping and receiving locations have the most to gain from centralizing their logistics operations.

If you want to create efficient operations across multiple locations, the key is to use centralized software that automates processes and creates operational visibility.

More than that, 3PLs who handle several shippers per day need a system to stay organized in their workflow throughout the week.

Based on our data, the top 100 3PLs using Shipwell have an average of 31 customers on the platform.

With Shipwell, these 3PLs can automate their workflows and quickly book and manage freight for each customer.

Preparing shipping documents automatically

Businesses might have a hard time keeping tabs on the Bill of Lading and Proof of Delivery of each shipment. Instead of each distribution center having to keep track of their own documents, Shipwell allows them to all live inside the platform for easy access.

Better yet, these documents are automatically generated when your team is running a shipment through the platform.

Global tracking and monitoring

Unsure of when to expect trucks at the dock? Can’t remember if the truck is coming to you or the distribution center 100 miles away?

All team members can access shipment information on Shipwell to prepare future loading and unloading to expedite turnaround.

Even better, once the truck is on the road, you can track the truck directly on the app.

Payment procedures optimized

While the loading docks are busy, we can’t forget about the bookkeeping. Often, the books can get off by a month or more because of the sheer volume of inbound and outbound freight.

Catch up and stay on track by leveraging the Quickbooks integration in Shipwell.

Now, shippers can optimize their payment procedures and bookkeep directly within the app. Our Quickbooks integration pulls line items across each shipment and populates it into your Quickbooks account for easy accounting.

Work with best carriers and best rates

Our top shippers and 3PLs interact with an average of 8 carriers per week.

Shippers who use the Load Board feature can populate their own private load board and give exclusive access to their list of preferred carriers.

From here, carriers you already love working with can bid on your freight so you can get the best rates.

If you don’t have a list of preferred carriers, you can gain access to Shipwell trusted carrier network and get your freight shipped with the best carriers.

Shippers can go from disjointed and sluggish to connected and lightning fast by utilizing Shipwell to centralize their logistics department.

Ready to get your logistics team running at the same pace? Sign up with Shipwell today and see how you can leverage your warehouse operations to your competitive advantage.