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Supply chain innovation: Curiosity fuels success

Supply chain innovation: Curiosity fuels success

A four-year-old asks about 390 questions per day, which is about one question every two minutes they are awake.

Parents know all too well the constant question asking and can often grow weary of the requests. However, they also know that it is natural to be curious, and try their best to help their kids learn how to … well, learn.

Curiosity is an essential trait of a genius, and at Shipwell, is it one of our core behaviors. Because of that, we are a leading voice in shipping technology and logistics.

Change how you see the world

Michael Dell was asked to name the one attribute CEOs need to succeed, to which he replied, “I would place my bet on curiosity.” We think that attribute worked well for Dell.

An article from Lifehack says that being curious makes you observant of new ideas. Your mind begins to wrap around subjects to discover new ways to look at it, therefore showing new solutions. It will start to recognize those solutions that you would have otherwise missed because you were not prepared to acknowledge them. 

Faster recognition of new ideas helps fulfill one of our other core behaviors fast-paced excellence.

Curious about the future

If we are going to build the future and never settle, the first thing we must do is be curious about what the future can look like.

The plans are not set out in front of us. We are crafting the blueprints of tomorrow so we can create solutions that didn’t exist before.

Greg Price, Shipwell’s CEO and Cofounder, recently presented at TransparencyWaves19 to discuss the possibilities of quantum computing in supply chains.

He set the precedent for the company to seek learning today and find out how new technologies will change the world tomorrow. He decided to take that initiative to TransparencyWaves19 to encourage other players in the space to do the same.

Asking questions and making moves

So how does that all begin? 

First, we analyze and attempt to understand all of the problems that happen in our customer’s supply chains. Then, we ask why those things happen and how do we create a long term solution that provides the most significant impact for the company.

Walt Disney said that his company kept innovating because they sought to learn about everything, “and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

To be on the cutting edge of supply chain technology, we have to come up with new ideas to transform the space. Seek Learning is one of our core behaviors that informs the rest of the set.

Being curious allows you to see things from a fresh perspective, even when you are in the most mundane of situations.

At Shipwell, we aren’t here to sell companies an evergreen product or service. We are here to provide a flexible and impactful solution to one of the messiest parts of running a business.

Are you someone who is curious about complex problems? Want to change the way supply chains work? Apply for a position at Shipwell today.