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E-commerce: How to master freight shipping for your customers

E-commerce: How to master freight shipping for your customers

Running an e-commerce store is critical in the day and age where everyone is connected to the internet at all times. 

Consumers have so many options to choose where to shop just by the click of a button. Therefore, shippers need to automate as much of the shopping experience as they can.

Shipwell can process freight shipping orders from an online store, track and manage the shipment, and offer delivery services. All of this in a centralized platform.

Online store

Adding an automated freight shipping component to your online store is a game-changer to the shopping experience.

When customers get to the checkout page, they can enter their location information and Shipwell will instantly pull rates from trusted carriers to provide competitive shipping costs.

You provide the customer with a fast and transparent shopping experience with the bottom line complete with shipping details and fees to avoid confusion and to add value through visibility to your brand.

Tracking and managing shipments 

Once the product goes through checkout, Shipwell retrieves the order and creates a shipment in our platform. Carriers receive information about the shipment and can update any information they may have regarding transport. Shippers and carriers can communicate in Shipwell through the in-app messaging feature to minimize any confusion.

Best of all, you can track your shipment in real-time in Shipwell via ELD, mobile apps, APIs, EDI, and AI-powered check calls. This tracking information can relay to the customer so they have full visibility of where their product is just like you would see on major marketplace interfaces.

Deliver delight, every time

Whether you are shipping to a commercial location or a residential one, Shipwell has you covered. 

We partner with over 100 LTL carriers that can get your shipments to the doorsteps of every customer you have.

Finances made easy

Shipwell integrates with QuickBooks so users can automate their financials with ease. No more having to migrate each dollar amount over to your QuickBooks account.

Shipwell notes every line item and seamlessly populates your books so you can keep track of financials throughout the year.

Unmatched customer support

If having your entire supply chain in a single pane of glass isn’t enough, what about an unmatched customer service experience?

Shipwell manages your shipments digitally, but we also have a Managed Services team working 24/7 to ensure that your shipments are handled well and delivered on time. Because our platform is cloud-based, e-commerce stores everywhere can get this amazing service whenever and wherever they want.

Ready to try Shipwell for your e-commerce business? Try a demo of our award-winning platform and let us know what you think.