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Freight tech: Leveraging automation to optimize your supply chain

Freight tech: Leveraging automation to optimize your supply chain

Every year, more and more freight is hitting the road. Shippers are scrambling to keep up with inventory, and sourcing capacity from carriers is getting more difficult.

While other companies are stuck in their ways booking freight the old fashioned way, other companies are learning how to automate their workflows and open up time in their workday. Here is what automating your workflow can do for your freight.

Keeping up with demand

With the e-commerce boom, shippers are getting more orders online than ever before. Convenience is king these days, which means a much higher need for carriers to be available to move freight.

Automating your workflows with Shipwell can help you source capacity and schedule your warehouse inventory accordingly. Soon, shippers can create orders right in the Shipwell app, eliminating even more steps in the process!

Streamlined logistics services

Time management is one of the most important things in the freight world. Only 61% of logistics professionals are using a transportation management system, which means a large part of the industry is still doing a lot of extra work.

Shipwell works with clients before that have issues with how much they are working each week trying to source freight and get quotes.

Our platform creates a streamlined system for small teams to book freight faster. With Shipwell you can set your logistics on autopilot and spend more time working on other things.

AI assistance is here to help

Getting data from your shipments and processes is vital to continue optimizing your workflows. Shipwell’s AI assistance does just that by showing users actionable insights and real-time connectivity.

In a recent Dynamo VC podcast, Jason Traff, President and Co-founder of Shipwell explains how humans and AI should be complementary in the workplace. We combine AI with our Managed Services because, “in our view, the most powerful combination is a person with automation software, as that drives the biggest impact on supply chain efficiency today,” Traff explains.

Tune into the podcast episode below:

Work with other automated professionals

Choosing carriers who are organized and automated to fit your freight needs can optimize your shipping workflow. In the Shipwell platform, shippers, carriers, and logistics pros can communicate shipment information and critical updates for loading and unloading.

Additionally, having a carrier that is tracking-friendly provides real-time visibility to your freight. Being able to go into the Shipwell platform and check on your shipment adds peace of mind and simplifies shipping and receiving schedules.

Shippers who automate their workflows leverage a competitive advantage over companies who still book freight the old fashioned way.

Ultimately, with Shipwell’s centralized platform, the mystery and confusion of freight booking can fall away with all the other antiquated parts of the industry.

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