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E-commerce: How to maintain a competitive edge in online shopping

E-commerce: How to maintain a competitive edge in online shopping

More than ever before, companies are shifting their business models to being largely run online.

Companies can sprout up from the ground and begin selling products and services without having to search for commercial real estate to set up the traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

The model is shifting from customers having to make an effort to drive to specific locations to now having access to millions of stores on their mobile devices.

While the playing field might even out for some businesses who previously competed with giant chains, customer expectation for superior service remains competitive.

Shipwell offers e-commerce integrations for our customers who ship products online and need a way to inbound orders, manage freight shipments, and get the best rates possible for their customers. All a part of Shipwell’s mission to deliver delight.

Automate orders with ease

Get the advantage of lightning-quick order generation by using Shipwell to run the backend of your e-commerce business.

Shipwell pulls in customer orders from your online store and creates official shipping orders in our platform and forms shipments to present to carriers.

With minimal effort, carriers can see order information, pickup and delivery dates, and other important shipping info that pertains to each specific shipment.

Manage shipments in a single app

At any point, you can manage all of your shipments in our intuitive platform.

Take the stress out of managing your own shipments by letting Shipwell’s easy-to-use app and Managed Services team put in the hard work for you.

While your shipments are in transit you can see exactly where the trucks are on a map in real-time so you can keep up to date with shipment status.

Shipwell has a robust filtering system that allows users to manage shipments based on pick up or delivery day, region, carrier, and much more.

Get the best rates every time

Shipwell works with carriers and tenured supply chain professionals to offer the best rates to our customers. On top of that, we provide instant rates for customers to select from during shipment planning.

When businesses opt for the online store instead of a brick and mortar, they end up saving a lot of money on all the things that come with owning a commercial space. Why not add to those savings by utilizing tools to look for every extra space in your supply chain to find more ways to save?

The ROI of Shipwell shows itself not only on the bottom line of your monthly finances but in the amount of time you save trying to find those savings yourself. Leave tedious supply chain logistics to smart technology and get back to running your business how you want.

Your e-commerce store can stay competitive with the rest of the players in your space no matter your business size. Make shipping your competitive advantage by using Shipwell to manage your e-commerce store’s shipping.