According to a report from Adobe Analytics posted last year, online sales from Black Friday jumped 23.6 percent from a year ago. 

The retail holiday known as “Black Friday” has become more than just a sales phrase in the newspaper circular. Folks prepare for shopping at popular retail markets the evening of Thanksgiving to purchase all they might want to buy for the upcoming Christmas season.

The term “Black Friday” started in the 1960s when businesses would go from being low on money (known as “in the red”) to turning a profit (the black).

The shopping spree has grown from a single day into a four-day weekend, spilling over into the online retail deal extravaganza we know as “Cyber Monday” where shoppers can continue to get great deals from internet retailers.

As you can imagine, the supply chain is greatly affected by this shift in demand. Businesses who prepare their supply chain for a massive increase in supply volume will gain a competitive advantage over relevant markets over the weekend.

A Black Friday solution for all

This massive workload increase over a short period of time can be stressful for even the most tenured supply chain professional. Luckily, every business can proactively prepare for the weekend by utilizing the Shipwell platform.

One of the easiest ways businesses can get on top of their supply chain during Black Friday is by keeping everything centralized and organized. Shipwell offers a platform for businesses to import their products and put them in front of carriers to bid, book, and ship in an instant.

Shipwell has the features you need for Black Friday

Shipwell is your one stop shop for Black Friday shipments so you can keep up with the busy season. Use a private Load Board to push your shipments in front of carriers you trust to ensure your products make it to the shelves on time.

Not only can you manage all shipping documents within Shipwell, but you can also migrate your financial information with our Quickbooks integration. Now, you can manage all the hustling throughout the week and not lose track of your finances.

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