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Freight insights: Best online resources for understanding supply chain management

Freight insights: Best online resources for understanding supply chain management

Finding answers to your supply chain questions has become more accessible with the modernization of the internet. Before, people would have to find experts on the matter or talk to someone that has had experience in their network to find solutions.

Now, folks who have encountered problems in their own supply chain and have found solutions are posting them online in forums, career channels, and publications dedicated to logistics.

We found where people with supply chain woes are going online to seek out solutions and offer advice of their own.

Quora: A question and answer website

Quora is the place on the internet where people can post questions and other users can stumble upon it and answer it if they have sufficient knowledge. The popular website where people can “share knowledge and better understand the world” has seen its fair share of supply chain questions.

While the website is pretty bare bones, people trying to understand their supply chain can find people with similar issues or find people offering solutions. This can potentially lead to networking and generate business for everyone involved.

Reddit: The front page of the internet

While Quora is a site that answers user questions, Reddit is much more than that. Reddit is a community-based website that has message boards about anything you could ever think, including supply chain management.

“Reddit thrives on anonymity, but it’s kept in check by transparency.” Basically, anyone can post anything on Reddit, but it is very easy to check on someone’s past comments to discover if they are a source to be taken seriously.

Check out r/supplychain to see if someone has the resources you need.

LinkedIn: A social network for professionals

If you have been in the professional supply chain business in the past ten years, you have probably heard of LinkedIn. This website’s design is part social media and part online business networking for professionals. Leaders in supply chain management will make themselves available to people by “connecting” with them.

Following several people in the supply chain world will also lead to seeing a lot of news articles posted about logistics and other relevant topics. Who knows, meeting the right people on LinkedIn could eventually lead to a job.

Follow Shipwell on LinkedIn for supply chain and logistics information.

Supply chain publications

Lastly, there is a slew of logistics and supply chain publications that regularly put out public news and resources.

These publications are the most credible sources because they staff professional journalists and writers to cover this content. Sites like Quora and Reddit have content posted volunarily.

Check out websites like Supply Chain 24/7, DC Velocity, Supply Chain Brain, and Freight Waves for industry news and solutions.

Of course, reading the blog at Shipwell is a great resource as well. We post articles for logistics and supply chain professionals to read and hopefully make their companies grow.

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