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Shipwell and small businesses: How everyone can ship like Amazon

Shipwell and small businesses: How everyone can ship like Amazon

Did you know March 29th is National Mom-and-Pop Business Owner Day? It is the day we get to celebrate the folks to who put in tons of hard work that can often go unnoticed.

Shipwell acknowledges the 27+ million small businesses across the nation who pump good ideas and love into our economy. Here are some of the things we are happy to offer small businesses so they can make freight shipping their competitive advantage.

Tracking shipments like the big guys

When companies started offering tracking updates, it changed the game for the freight industry.

Being able to offer that sort of visibility for receivers or end-users to access can be a value-added service. Shipwell uses several forms of tracking to be able to give small businesses the ability to do that. Through ELD integration, EDI, APIs, our native mobile app, and automated check calls, Shipwell can offer real-time freight visibility to our customers with ease.

Plus, in the Shipwell TMS, business can easily create and share external tracking updates right to customers, even branded with your logo.

Accessing carriers with ease

Of course, most small businesses are shipping small amounts of product. While some may occasionally need our full truckload services (which has over 800,00 truckers in our network), most are looking for LTL solutions.

Shipwell is directly integrated into over 100 LTL carriers for small businesses to get rates from. Not only that, but you can access instant quotes directly within the platform. Our user-friendly platform saves mom and pop businesses time and money by offering the best rates and an easy-to-use interface.

Best of all, if you have a carrier you really enjoy using, you can import their information and rates into our platform and use them whenever you’d like. Compare rates, manage your preferred carriers, and use our network all in one platform.

E-commerce integrations

Run an e-commerce store? Shipwell is integrated with Shopify Plus and makes it possible for customers shipping online to place their orders and choose their freight rate, right in the store.

Merchants can manage freight shipments on the Shipwell platform, monitor tracking updates, and communicate directly with carriers to ensure a seamless delivery.

Get unmatched customer support

Using Shipwell to manage your freight needs gives you access to our 24/7 customer support team. Gain access to a representative in our Managed Services team that has rave reviews from our regular shippers.

Because our platform and apps run in the cloud, small businesses everywhere get the freedom to access Shipwell whenever and wherever they want.

I am a massive fan of the platform. It is easy to use, has an intuitive design, and has saved us both effort and more importantly, reduced our shipping costs. I can’t praise it highly enough. Not only that, but at every point that we have had an issue, I have found our account manager (Nick) and your FC Tyler, to be responsive and helpful, and that they take ownership of a problem and see it through to completion 

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Shipwell is here to help

Through easy booking, seamless tracking, and actionable analytics, Shipwell empowers all freight shippers. Save time and resources with smart automation and deliver delight to your customers with transparent tracking updates, competitive rates, and much more.