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Going green: 3 ways a TMS can positively impact the environment

Going green: 3 ways a TMS can positively impact the environment

In 2019, the importance of going green for companies is paramount. A majority of people in the millennial generation are choosing to vote with their dollars and supporting companies that exercise sustainable operations and practices.

That means that the supply chain of every company is likely being monitored by smart consumers who want to know if the products they buy are affecting the environment.

Fortunately, there are solutions and tools for companies to use that can get them on the road to going green.

Shipwell is a Transportation Management System platform that automates workflows and drives efficiency in supply chains. By utilizing Shipwell for your company, you can leverage discover business practices to make a positive impact on the environment.

Booking loads to maximize value

When carriers use the Shipwell Load Board to book their loads, they can design their schedule for the week based on different lanes posted.

Carriers who have preferred shippers can select regular lanes from the shipper and optimize their routing over time.

If a carrier needs to get home for the weekend, they can optimize their driving and gas schedules by choosing strategic routes.

Communication can change the world

A lot of carbon emissions in freight come from idling in a yard or dock. These practices can be optimized so trucks are in and out without wasting time and fuel. 

Shipwell can bridge the gap between shippers, 3PLs, and carriers with a simple solution: in-app messaging.

Shippers can alert carriers on the readiness of a load so carriers can plan accordingly to manage time and fuel. Likewise, if a carrier is delayed, they can notify the dock and the personnel can adjust dock flow.

Reducing emissions in a big way

When carriers book freight in Shipwell, they can optimize their routing and knock down the amount of deadhead for each pickup.

Shipwell has a Managed Services team who dedicate their days to make sure carriers have loads covered and can set them up with a new load after each delivery. Occasionally, shippers even offer backhaul to preferred carriers to maximize carrier time and reduce emissions from deadhead.

The analytics provided by Shipwell unlocks data to understand green initiatives. Each business can know the impact of their emissions and fuel usage to for environmental reporting.

Some companies are even earning EPA certification because of their relationship with Shipwell and their ability to provide critical data around emissions.

If it’s your compan’s goal to go green, leveraging a TMS is a great start to better understand inefficiencies in your supply chain.

Shipwell is the solution to automate your workflows and making freight shipping more efficient.

Get a demo of our award-winning software and see for yourself how Shipwell is changing the game with world-class technology built for green supply chains.