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How to get back wasted time in freight management

How to get back wasted time in freight management

The freight industry is booming. But, businesses on all sides of the freight ecosystem have to know how to save time and resources while still maintaining a high level of service.

Recently, the Department of Transportation did a study that shows that carriers spend an average of 1.4 hours in detention after the free 2-hour period. Using these hours efficiently can lead to a happier employee and carrier base, as well as revenue growth.

With Shipwell, shippers and 3PLs can get back wasted hours by optimizing their workflows and manage their data all inside one centralized platform.

Launch into the future of freight

A poll from last year shows that only 61% of logistics professionals are using some form of transportation management system. This means a huge part of the freight industry is still relying on paper documents or spreadsheets to run their business.

To truly have a competitive advantage with your freight, logistics teams need smart tools and automation to delight customers.

With Shipwell, 3PLs can optimize their workflows by managing critical freight shipping documents in our platform. Build and send rate confirmations and BOLs in seconds, monitor tracking, and study freight analytics all within Shipwell.

Manage how you find and communicate with carriers

Stop wasting time trying to find carriers to move your freight. Save time by using our vast network of trusted drivers available to you all in our easy-to-use platform.

Shipwell is connected with over 800,000 drivers that can handle your loads. Additionally, if you already have carriers you know and trust, you can use our platform to keep them organized for quick and easy orders.

Take the stress out of communication by chatting with carriers within the app. Request information and provide updates on shipments for an easy pick-up and delivery.

Optimize your warehouse logistics

Shippers can optimize their warehouse logistics by utilizing Shipwell’s upcoming dock scheduling feature.

Set an industry-leading standard of replacing first-come, first-served appointments with scheduled appointments. Shippers, brokers, and carriers can all be on the same page with visible updates and information about appointments all within the platform.

Booking an automated appointment through the Shipwell dock scheduling feature means one click and your carriers have an appointment set up for them to pickup and unload faster than ever.

Turn orders into shipments

Shippers can use Shipwell’s upcoming orders feature to create and manage orders and turn them into shipments with ease. This feature is currently in limited release and will be available to Shipwell users soon.

Create an order with details about the goods being shipped, origin and destination, and other vital information for full-personnel visibility.

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Automate workflows to save countless hours on the phone

Brokers and shippers have a wealth of options in Shipwell’s platform to spend less time on the phone making check calls.

Plus, carriers who receive constant phone calls asking for status updates can grow fatigued and have less time focus on the road. Save time by tracking the shipment through ELD integration, the mobile app, or schedule automated check calls to their carrier. Shipwell users can also communicate by messaging within the platform itself.

While other freight management platforms operate on cell pinging for tracking (which is going away very soon), Shipwell has a variety of ways we can ensure visibility on a shipment. We don’t even need the carrier to have a smartphone.

Get ahead and thrive

FleetOwner released a survey that said companies who resist management systems are the most likely to go out of business. As a result, logistics pros who utilize technology like Shipwell are the most likely to thrive in this growing industry.