Shipwell Reference Numbers, explained

Navigating reference numbers

Shipwell uses a few different identifying numbers to help you manage your shipments when working with different groups (internal, customers, carriers, etc.), and you’ll see them all listed on the Shipment Details page under the References category.  

Here’s a quick guide to these identifiers:

  • Shipwell ID: This is a 6-digit alphanumeric code (e.g., “KJB34K”) that is automatically generated by the Shipwell platform when you create a new shipment.  It is unique across all shipments and cannot be changed.
  • Customer Reference #: This is also a 6-digit alphanumeric code that is pre-filled when you create a shipment, but can be changed or removed by the user.
  • BOL #: This number is auto-generated by the Shipwell platform when a Bill of Lading document is created and is added to the upper-left corner of the document. It is mainly used by carriers as their primary identifier for the shipment.
  • PRO #: This number is used by LTL carriers as a tracking number for shipments. Most of these carriers host PRO # lookup pages on their websites which allow you to find the latest status or location of a shipment.
  • Pickup #: This number is used by some carriers to help identify the shipment and match it to a truck that will be performing the pickup.
  • PO #: The “Purchase Order” number is used by some shippers to help match shipments up with purchase orders from their inventory systems.