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Shipwell named one of the 22 remote startups to watch in 2022

The pandemic has turned many people — and companies — on to the benefits of working remotely, and Shipwell is […]

Navigating supply chain disruptions and building a remote-first culture

Supply chain issues have plagued major retailers — a trend likely to continue in 2022. Shipwell Cofounder and CEO, Greg […]

Supply Chain Technology And Strategy Trends To Consider In 2022

2021 brought many new challenges for supply chains, and 2022 is set to continue that trend. Shipwell Cofounder and CEO Gregory […]

Five Things To Focus On To Help Supply Chains Hold Up To The Holiday Rush

Keeping shelves stocked for the holidays is more of a challenge than ever, but with the right strategy, you can […]

Weathering the Storm: 4 Ways to Keep a Supply Chain Running During Natural Disasters

Shipwell Cofounder and President, Jason Traff, outlines four strategies for shippers to adapt and overcome whatever Mother Nature throws their […]

Reducing food waste in the supply chain

FreightWaves NOW host Kaylee Nix and Michael Vincent talk with Jason Traff, President and Co-founder of Shipwell, about ways that […]

How Automation Can Reduce Waste in the Food Supply Chain

America’s massive food waste problem touches nearly every facet of society, from the farms that produce our food to what […]

4 Ways to Align Automation and Analytics

It’s possible to match up analytics and automation to the maturity of your business, and adding the right pieces at […]

Jason Traff of of Shipwell: How To Communicate With Your Team Effectively Even If You Are Rarely In The Same Physical Space

Breaks help. We strongly encourage screen breaks throughout the day to mitigate Zoom-fatigue and sustain team productivity.

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