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Entrepreneurial Evolution: Mentors, Machine Learning, and Managing Growth

Entrepreneurial Evolution: Mentors, Machine Learning, and Managing Growth

In this episode of SaaS Scaling Secrets, Shipwell CEO and Cofounder, Greg Price, joins host Dan Balcauski to share his extensive experience as both a founder in the supply chain and SaaS technology industries, and as a pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) sectors, focusing on the vital role of mentorship in offering crucial guidance and support during early business stages.

During the discussion Greg shares highlights from his early journey in taking on new responsibilities as a founder while also exploring what may come next for those in the supply chain and technology industries, placing the necessity for businesses to ensure they are prepared with professionals who are able to bridge the gap between emerging AI technologies and real-world results firmly in the spotlight.

About Greg

Greg Price is the CEO and Cofounder of Shipwell. An early developer of machine learning technology, Greg cofounded Shipwell with the goal of applying his engineering background to the transportation market and bringing automation, visibility, and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency across the supply chain. 

An early developer of machine learning technology, Greg spent seven years working at MIT’s Lincoln Labs creating hardware, software, and algorithms for the US Department of Defense. There, he gained a deep understanding of how data can be used to optimize complex systems — an expertise that would prove invaluable in his later work as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. In this role, Greg leveraged advanced analytics and machine learning to solve crucial challenges facing Fortune 100 supply chains across CPG, Retail, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing which resulted in over $500M in realized savings and earnings. 

Other notable achievements include:

  • Raised over $100 million in funding for Shipwell
  • Led Shipwell to become a leading provider of TMS solutions
  • Helped Shipwell to achieve over $100 million in annual revenue
  • Named one of the “Top 50 Supply Chain Leaders” by Supply Chain Dive
  • Featured in publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg

A passionate advocate for both sustainability and equal opportunity, Greg works tirelessly to ensure that Shipwell customers have the tools needed to reduce their carbon footprint alongside their operating expenses and that Shipwell staff all enjoy the opportunity to grow with the company’s continued success.

About Dan

As the founder of Product Tranquility in Austin, TX, Dan Balcauski has redefined high-volume B2B SaaS product management, guiding CEOs in pricing and packaging for their latest products. With a TopTal certification placing him among the top 3% of Product Management Professionals, Dan’s influence reaches beyond the boardroom, and he shares his expertise to inspire future leaders through his work in teaching the Kellogg Executive Education Product Strategy course, as well as through his podcast, SaaS Scaling Secrets.

With 15 years of dynamic experience, Dan’s portfolio spans the product lifecycle, from inception to transition and sunsetting. He has navigated diverse sectors, bridging consumer and B2B domains across consumer internet, mobile, IT software and more while adapting strategies for startups and multinational corporations. With a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from Iowa State and an MBA from Kellogg, Northwestern University, Dan melds his technical prowess with strategic acumen to reshape industries.