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Every organization aims to increase its profits, and in the area of the supply chain in particular there is often great potential for achieving this. So it makes sense for many to look at investment in a Transport Management System (TMS). And yet while TMS solutions have been around for years, many still struggle when it comes to locking down exactly how to accurately measure their ROI — especially as the market becomes increasingly complex.

To help guide the process, Gartner® outlines some of the top recommendations for quantifying the ROI of your TMS along with how to achieve your goals, such as:

  • “Start developing the initial ROI projections by determining the transportation complexity of your organization and the scope of the proposed TMS solution.”
  • “Fine-tune your ROI projections by understanding the true total cost of ownership (TCO) and looking beyond just the financial considerations.”
  • “Develop milestones to measure the ROI post implementation by benchmarking your historical transportation data.”

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Gartner, How to Calculate and Measure the ROI for a Transportation Management System, Brock Johns, Oscar Sanchez Duran,18 November 2021.

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Get your complimentary report on calculating the ROI of your TMS investment