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A better way to convince your boss to invest in a TMS (plus $50 for yourself)

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We know exactly how you feel. It’s beyond frustrating when you know implementing a transportation management system (TMS) could save precious time and money, and we wouldn’t blame you if you’ve been tempted to send a strongly worded message like the one below to your boss in a mad effort to convey just how mind-boggling it is to pass up on such a valuable investment. But don’t do it!

Shipwell is here to save you with a powerful and yet affordable solution. Not only do we provide an email template that will help constructively convince your boss of the immense value a TMS brings, but we have included a $50 gift card to give you some courage. It’s just our way of saying “we get it” and help you unwind with a refreshing beverage, a relaxing massage, or even some much-deserved retail therapy. You deserve it!

The letter you WISH you could send

Disclaimer: The following letter has been carefully crafted to tickle your funny bone while expressing your likely frustrations. Proceed with caution and a sense of humor.

Now THAT’s a quick ticket to the unemployment line

We all hate paperwork, especially that paperwork, so grab our letter and we’ll send you a little something so you can take the edge off. You deserve it! Who knows, it might even turn into a celebration!

  • “Shipwell was incredibly agile in meeting our needs. They quickly understood our unique situation [and] their team developed a plan that met our
    specific requirements.”

    Jess Pilarski
    Logistics Manager
    Home Chef
  • “If we had invested in our TMS sooner, it would have paid for itself tenfold. The delay did nothing but cost us money.”

    Manager, Transportation Programs
  • “It makes me want to come to work knowing that I can you know focus on the things that I want to do… It’s been a life changer.”

    Abiel Venezuela
    Logistics Manager
    Marcus Technologies
  • “One of the main reasons we chose Shipwell over competitors was because of Shipwell’s high ratings of innovation and customer service and we have seen that proven true [during] the implementation process.”

    Shipwell customer feedback
  • “Not only does [Shipwell] save time, it saves us money in the end.”

    A food and beverage company
  • “We save nearly $600k a year [with Shipwell].”

    A food and beverage company

Get the letter you should send to your boss instead

and take the edge off with $50 on us

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