On-Demand Webinar:
New Rules for Routing Guide Success

Your routing guide just failed. Again.

The routing guide was supposed to fix everything wrong with shipping. So why didn’t it?

The uncomfortable truth is that most routing guides today are little more than a series of predefined events, loosely strung together. Beyond some basic control over carrier assignment and pricing, they offer little information about how businesses can improve shipping processes, not to mention the bottom line.

But advances in dynamic data, workflow automation, and predictive analytics enable shippers to dramatically improve existing routing guides, while also extending their benefits into other aspects of shipping.

FreightWaves and Shipwell have partnered to provide an exciting look at the future of data-driven automation and what it can do for your business. Learn how “failing faster” can help you improve carrier performance and relationships, better react to market complexity, and reduce overall shipping costs.

What you’ll learn in this on-demand webinar:

✓    How to up-level your routing guide goals, workflows, and results

✓    Ways to quickly improve carrier assignment and lane pricing

✓    How dynamic data and workflow automation can extend routing guide benefits into order intake, load optimization, transport, delivery, and settlement

✓    The impact that a truly configurable workflow automation platform can have on ongoing support and maintenance costs

Meet the speakers:

✓    Greg Price, Chief Executive Officer, Shipwell

✓    Ishan Kumar, Vice President of Product, Shipwell

Watch the webinar and learn how to rev up your routing guide

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