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Shipwell Load Board and Dispatch now available on mobile

Shipwell Load Board and Dispatch now available on mobile

The team at Shipwell is always working hard at optimizing the connected supply chain management platform.

For Shipwell network carriers on the road, a robust mobile app is a valuable tool to track and manage shipments with Shipwell customers and users.

Exciting new updates have just been released!

Version 3.0.0 of the iOS app is out now, along with version 3.1.1 on Android. Read on to learn what’s new, including new features just for dispatching fleets.

The Shipwell Load Board, gone mobile

In the Shipwell iOS and Android mobile app, carriers have the ability to bid and book freight. Carriers access private, curated shipper and 3PL load boards to review upcoming shipments.

From there, they can bid or select the “book now” price set by the shipper or 3PL.

Documents are instantly generated, carriers get all of the details, and can haul freight right from their phone.

Get a demo of the Shipwell Load Board now — we’ll connect your ELD to help reduce deadheads, and you’ll get better matching freight immediately.

Dispatch functionality at your fingertips

A new capability just released for dispatchers puts the power of a dispatch platform into a lightweight, easy-to-use solution.

We’ve added the ability to login to the Shipwell mobile app as a dispatcher in addition to a carrier.

Dispatchers can now see their loads boards and use filtering to check on specific loads. They can bid on loads or use the “book now” option to lock in freight instantly.

Dispatchers can manage all of the assets, including drivers, power units, and trailers.

Carriers can then view which shipments are assigned and which are not and assign a driver, power unit, and trailer to a shipment.

Access all this and more from your Android or Apple smartphone. Shipwell is continuing to roll out more features on the mobile app that customers love on the desktop platform.

Check out the full functionality of these apps when you download them from Google Play or the App Store.