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FreightWaves Transparency19: Know before you go

FreightWaves Transparency19: Know before you go

TransparencyWaves 2019 is right around the corner.

At MarketWaves 2018, Shipwell earned Best In Show for our automated check call demo as voted by the audience. In case you missed it, watch the video replay below:

This year, we’ve got more major surprises on tap! On Monday at 9:40, right after Gary Vaynerchuk takes the stage, Shipwell’s own CEO and Co-founder Greg Price will be presenting on some exciting new research and capabilities that impact everyone across the supply chain.

We don’t want to give away too much here (we’ll be sharing the full presentation after the event!) but Shipwell’s impactful talk is a culmination of months of research, interviewing experts, and experimentation involving quantum computing. Stay tuned!

Here’s what else we’re excited for at Transparency19. Will you be there? Follow Shipwell on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay in the know, and we hope to see you in Atlanta.

Bringing carriers deeper into the supply chain

This past weekend, Greg sat down with Chad Prevost on FreightWaves’ Sirius XM radio show. Something important to realize today and what will be a big focus at Transparency19 is giving carriers the resources and tools they need to operate efficiently in the supply chain.

Carriers play such a critical role in the supply chain — one would argue they are the key to delivering customer delight and staying competitive.

But, the freight industry is incredibly fragmented, complex, and antiquated. Many parties in the supply chain still rely on spreadsheets. Many don’t know where their fleet or shipments are at any given time. Some don’t even have effective communication within their own departments.

When it comes to connecting shippers and 3PLs to a strong carrier network, “getting the right information to the right people at the right time is critical,” Greg said during the broadcast.

“Digitize manual processes, make supply chains transparent, and then we can eliminate that friction and distrust that comes into our industry because it’s all about people, process, and technology,“ he continued.

Transparency is a driving force in a performant supply chain

We can appreciate the name of FreightWaves’ flagship conference. Transparency is at the core of everything we do at Shipwell.

“Our goal at Shipwell is to put your entire supply chain — and that’s everything,  all the way from the farm if it’s cotton, to the warehouse, to the spinning mill, across the world —  into a single pane of glass in your computer or in the palm of your hand, and give you the tools and the APIs to run it effectively,” Greg said.

Success doesn’t happen in a silo. When shippers, 3PLs, and carriers can all work together in an efficient way, that’s the future of freight. A single problem at one part of the chain can break the entire logistics operations downstream. When everyone is informed in real-time, we all react (or act proactively) faster and better than ever before.

Solve for the future of freight today

While things like quantum computing may be down the (albeit, short) road in terms of application to the supply chain, thinking about the future now can help you stay competitive.

“Most people today are focused on freight matching, rebuilding marketplaces, or subsidizing freight spend and robots replacing drivers in trucking. We’re focused on core pieces of the supply chain that maybe aren’t as sexy, but really important,” Greg said.

There’s a lot happening in our space right now, but when supply chain pros focus on improving the core of their business with impactful solutions today, they’re better poised to tackle the future.