Gain pricing power at scale

As your shipping volume increases, even the smallest shift in pricing can have an exponential impact on your margins. Shipwell’s pricing intelligence tools maximize efficiencies as your business grows, so you can price with confidence.

Gain pricing confidence:
How to leverage data in your strategy

Learn how the right data, delivered at the right time, can eliminate the uncertainties that come with traditional methods to create a proactive pricing strategy.

Make the
unknown, known

Plan ahead

Forecast rates to develop a strategy that works for your growing business, no matter how the market shifts.

Price with confidence

Know you’re getting the best rates by comparing your internal data with similar shipments in the market.

Manage complex
pricing problems

Assess multiple shipment variables to determine the best price option — all within your existing workflow.

Is your pricing strategy
ready for growth?

14-day price forecasting

Assess rating patterns and tendencies based on day-of-week, holiday and other considerations.

Personalized price targets

Compare rates industry-wide by establishing market benchmarks that aggregate data across hundreds, even thousands of sources, and bring your own data together to unearth valuable insights.

Embedded pricing intelligence

Manage complex variables, including specialized cargo types and shipping methods, with tailored data and guidance built directly into your existing workflows.

Ready to empower your pricing strategy?

Request a personalized demo today to see how Shipwell’s tools can help you develop a pricing strategy that scales.

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