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10 things to do with the time you save using Shipwell

10 things to do with the time you save using Shipwell

At Shipwell, we get a lot of responses from customers about how much time they are saving by using our platform.

One instance is Lumi. Their teams used to spend 10 or more hours just quoting out their freight. With Shipwell, they spend around two. Read their case study to hear more about their transformation, both in terms of time saved as well as key financial benefits.

These messages are music to our ears because the vision of Shipwell is to remove the messy, ugly parts of shipping and logistics and create a delightful experience in one of the most complicated parts of the business.

Since we feel so good about customers enjoying our platform, we wanted to have a little fun and make a list of the 10 things you can do with the time you save when you use Shipwell.

1. Strengthen other parts of your company

By focusing less on tedious parts of managing a complicated supply chain, teams are able to hone in on big-picture strategies. Removing hours spent making phone calls, sending emails, and manually tracking freight opens up doors for new opportunities to grow as a company.

Employees who spend their days managing logistics can dive into actionable planning around optimizing the supply chain. Where is your freight spend going? Which distribution centers need a process review to speed up loading and unloading times? 

Manage your organization and hire for positions that need a little more attention. Shipwell will help the logistics pros do their workloads more efficiently so decision-makers can nurture other departments.

2. Learn a new skill

Some of you have always wanted to know how to tie knots or learn a new language. Well, with Shipwell you get time to learn whatever skills you want.

These skills might also be work-related, such as how to make an amazing presentation deck or how to do time-saving tricks in Excel. Think big. Like this Excel sheet we made of a picture of our team!

3. Take a long lunch

What better way to get over the Wednesday hump than to stretch that lunch out a little longer than normal. With Shipwell as your cloud-based TMS, you can manage shipments in the morning and rest easy knowing that you can take an extra 30 minutes at that new sushi place you’ve wanted to try.

When employees are happy, they tend to do better work. Go get that extra tuna roll.

Plus, with Shipwell’s automated alerts and status updates, you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your supply chain no matter where you are.

4. Get more business

Of course, work hours are for working and if you want to maximize your time by using Shipwell you might want to go after enterprise customers.

Some of these customers can have a long sales cycle that needs the right amount of attention and care in order to finally sign on the dotted line. Now, you’ve got more time to craft the perfect pitch.

5. Go to the gym

With a little extra time put back into your day, why not hit the gym and do a little good for your body. Health professionals at the Mayo Clinic recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week. That’s easy with the hours you get back by using Shipwell.

6. Do more company culture initiatives

Being a fast-growing and profitable company means nothing if your employees are working to the bone. Utilize the time you save using Shipwell to implement more company culture initiatives like team building events, corporate-sponsored outings, and specialized training.

Happy employees can change the world.

PS: Did you know Shipwell is one of Austin’s top startups to watch? We’ve built a culture of forward-thinking, diverse team members that drive impact for our customers.

7. Catch up on the Great British Bake Off

Have you seen this show? If you have, you know what we are talking about when we say that the Great British Bake Off is the greatest show on television.

Combining the perfect mixture of expert baking, charm, wit, and competition, GBBO takes the cake (get it?) for the most pleasant show. By using Shipwell, you’ll get to watch an episode or two with the time you get back each week.

8. Take advantage of your ROI

Not only are you saving time, but you are also saving money every month using Shipwell.

Many organizations using Shipwell see ROI after implementing the connected freight management platform in less than three months or less.

Think about what you can do with those cost savings. Invest in new resources or build out your teams to serve your customers even better than before.

Identify opportunities for growth by analyzing Shipwell’s robust analytics on your supply chain performance.

With analytics from Shipwell, you’ll discover weak links in your supply chain based on carrier and dock on-time performance. With these insights, you can dive into improving processes at your distribution centers or warehouses that might be slowing down your logistics.

9. Make account management unbelievable

Now that logistics are taken care of, it’s time to take the account management of your company up a notch.

Detailed, considerate relationships between businesses are the core of B2B that goes beyond the bottom dollar. Establishing relationships with customers that actually carry weight can prove to be fruitful when times get tough on either side.

When customers are getting automated tracking updates on every shipment, it’s one less thing for your account or logistics management teams to keep a close eye on. Through delighting customers with real-time updates, it opens up more opportunities to evangelize your community members and dive deeper into how you can support them now and in the future.

10. Celebrate every birthday equally

Tired of bunching birthdays together just to save a little time? Well, now you’ve got enough time for everyone at the company to get a personalized birthday party.

Sound a little over the top? Be the company that goes above and beyond for their employees. I bet you’ll see some great things happen to your bottom line.

Like what you hear? We would love to set up a demo with you to show you how Shipwell can make your operations run smoothly and you can get those hours back you’ve been spending manually handling logistics.