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A few reasons folks love Shipwell

A few reasons folks love Shipwell

Customer service has always been the cornerstone of Shipwell’s success in connecting the freight industry. We delight in working with shippers, brokers, and carriers to make the economy move – literally.

Because we take pride in who we work with, we often get excited about the freight itself! Today, we wanted to share some customer reviews that highlight the businesses and people who make Shipwell work hard every day.

“I have enjoyed working with Shipwell as I always get a quick response and the rates work with our range for our industry. They are always on top of things, with delayed trucks or replacing a truck they feel could not make it, which is huge for our company.”

Green Innovations

Your products are just as important to us as they are to you. We want to ensure a quality shipment every time!

“I am a massive fan of the platform. It is easy to use, has an intuitive design, and has saved us both effort and more importantly, reduced our shipping costs. I can’t praise it highly enough. Not only that, but at every point that we have had an issue, I have found our account manager (Nick) and your FC Tyler, to be responsive and helpful, and that they take ownership of a problem and see it through to completion.”

Ben’s Natural Health

We work hard to provide customers with a straight-forward, easy-to-use platform, but we believe our team is what makes us so powerful!

“Very Professional and cost-effective. Prompt service. Called me back within 10 minutes and got a time sensitive shipment handled and at a price that is very very competitive.”

Evergreen Soils & Recycling

Give us a challenge, and we will meet it with joy.

“Ryan and Nick rock!!! I had a wonderful experience – I was quoted excellent rates – everyone involved was knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. The pick-up was screwed up by the people at the pick-up location, and somehow the Shipwell team fixed the entire situation – they saved me over $1300! I love Shipwell! If I could give them eleven stars, I would!”

Rare Tea Cellar

We know that things are going to happen in this industry. Shipwell is on top of all your logistics needs. Eleven stars, wow!

“Shipwell builds valuable tools and provides excellent customer service!”


When we work with valuable companies like Lumi, we must provide the best product and services so they can thrive.

“They do a great Job helping us out with our LTL and Full Truckload needs. Website is super easy to book carriers through.“

S&W Seed

Whatever mode your shipments need, we have teams ready to serve you!

“Solid company, knowledgeable staff and some of the better tech I’ve seen in the brokerage world. Our representative Parker does a great job, and we enjoy working with him!”

KWL Inc.

Shipwell hires experts in the industry to provide knowledgable insight, innovative technology, and unmatched customer service.

Every day we continue to innovate for all of the shippers, 3PLs, and carriers we work with that help better connect this fragmented industry. Shipwell cares about you a truckload!