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Freight tracking: Benefits of leveraging ELD connections

Freight tracking: Benefits of leveraging ELD connections

The shipping industry is going through a lot of growing pains. A rise in e-commerce and a drop in capacity has increased freight rates, which is even worse in winter months (high demand from Christmas and fewer trucks on the road because of bad weather).

Because of this, shippers should be getting the most value out of every load.

Shipwell uses ELDs to work directly with our carriers and to provide our shippers and 3PLs with real-time data. In that case, both shippers and 3PLs who use Shipwell can leverage their freight supply chain as their competitive advantage.

Here are some benefits shippers have when using a carrier’s ELD to track their freight.

Real-time visibility

First, Shipwell’s integration with the top ELD providers gives users access to a wealth of features. The main one being the ability to track your freight in real-time with no hassle. In the Shipwell platform, shippers and logistics pros can see their freight on a map that is updated every 15 minutes via the trucker’s ELD location data.

Shippers should never have to ask the question, “Where is my freight?”

We know some parts of the country have lousy cell phone reception, and logistics teams can’t get in touch with truckers for long periods. By using an ELD integration, Shipwell doesn’t rely on cell phone signal to update shipment status.

Shipwell was an advantage here, mainly because other companies employ cell-pinging location tracking on truck driver cell phones, which cell carriers will soon make unavailable this month.

Added value to shipments

When a carrier can provide 100% visibility to shippers and brokers, they are actually adding value to the shipment.

Building strong relationships between all parties can benefit everyone in the long run. When sensitive freight is in transit, like reefer shipments, on-time deliveries are critical. Being able to have that transparency in tracking is essential.

Improved business operations

Additionally, when using Shipwell to track your freight, you can see how we use ELD tracking to give shippers and brokers visible data on the location and performance of each load.

We display actionable analytics so that shippers, 3PLs, and carriers can all work together to agree on the best action plans for each load. Just another way Shipwell is connecting the freight industry.

Now that shippers and 3PLs can use ELDs to their advantage, they can also take steps to improve business operations for better workflows.

Preparing parking, giving accurate information to the carriers, and getting the docks staged and ready for loading can save a driver hours of detention time. It also takes the headache out of a congested shipping and receiving terminal for workers to have more visibility to plan their load schedules.

We at Shipwell know that the freight market can be brutal sometimes, and we want to help the best way we know how! Take the stress out of shipping logistics by using our platform and connect with over 800,000 truckers we have in our network.