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Keeping food fresh and beverages flowing in your supply chain

From dry van and flatbed to reefer and other cold-chain transport, Shipwell helps to eliminate waste in the food and beverage supply chain through instant access to the carrier options and optimization tools needed to get shipments out on time and on budget, and the proactive visibility and management tools to keep them moving and deliver on schedule.

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Marcus Technologies Supply Chain ROI with Shipwell

By bringing instant access to analytics through the Shipwell platform, it’s possible to not only uncover new opportunities for reducing shipping costs, but to reduce spoilage across the food supply chain, unlock greater efficiency and drive consistent savings week-over week — even as you grow your business.


Overcome any challenge
from a single platform

Securing capacity

From reefer to dry van, access our premium carrier network to get shipments moving

Preventing delays

Gain visibility from first to final-mile for an up to 98% on-time performance rate

Increasing efficiency

Save up to 40% through automated consolidation, routing and
carrier selection

Reducing costs

Compare rates and access 14-day price forecasts for stronger
negotiating power

Supply chain solutions for Food and Beverage companies

See how Shipwell’s technology helps you proactively manage the entire shipment lifecycle to prevent spoilage, reduce waste and save money — all while reducing environmental impact

Get shipments moving

Get shipments moving and deliver on time

Book instantly with reliable carriers and gain complete visibility of shipments to prevent costly delays and spoilage at every level of your standard or cold chain supply network.

Uncover greater efficiency

Uncover greater efficiency to keep costs down

Optimize the way you ship and protect your margins through workflow automation and centralized management tools to save both time and money while delivering greater satisfaction to customers.

Plan ahead with analytics

Plan ahead with reliable analytics and reports

Gain clear insights into the food and beverage industry’s fluctuating shipping prices and performance levels to create more reliable strategies and ensure continued savings.

How one food and beverage customer achieved 100% on-time delivery

Discover how Shipwell enabled a major producer of shelf-stable food products to save time and money while quickly pivoting operations during a period of high demand that saw order volume double.

Keep fresh while paying less with Shipwell

Request a personalized demo today to see how Shipwell’s tools can help you to keep your food and beverage supply chain on track.