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Core behaviors: Build the future and never settle

Core behaviors: Build the future and never settle

Shipwell operates under a set of Core Behaviors that shape our work environment and our commitment to customers. Basically, the freight world is one of the most fragmented industries ever to exist. We want to fix it.

Not only do we want to connect, clarify, and align the current industry, we want to build the future of it to make it easier to understand moving forward.

If Shipwell were around in the year 3200 BC, we would be the innovators curving wood and attaching it to the back of a pack horse (the first innovation in shipping, the horse and cart). If we were around in 1863, we would be building the Transcontinental Railroad to connect the coasts (and hopefully avoid run-ins with that scoundrel Snidely Whiplash).

Shipwell sees not only product innovation, but global economic and societal transformation as a duty and challenge.

A platform to push the boundaries

Our cutting-edge technology makes shipping easier and has a design that is simple for anyone from tech gurus to late adopters.

Of course, one of the things we never wanted to forget was that the future could not be built without including those who have built the platform we are already standing on. We created software that is simple and intuitive for seasoned logistics pros to learn quickly and implement immediately.

The engineering team at Shipwell is a group of radical problem-solvers who got excited about the idea of providing solutions for one of the oldest industries in history. Every week, our entire company is blown away at the work they put in to create a fast and simple platform for Shipwell users to delight in.

With every new solution they bring to the table, a new problem shows its face and they are eager to tackle it. If you look up “never settle” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of our engineering team.

A service team that goes above and beyond

Our Managed Services team is one-of-a-kind in its seasoned knowledge of the freight industry.

We found folks from a wide range of backgrounds in the freight space who wanted to change the way the art of logistics is done. They found a place at Shipwell where they could work at a higher efficiency and service more customers and still manage to have fun.

This team works with companies who need their products shipped, and the truck drivers who can carry those products to their next or final destination. Because we speak with so many different people from different places all day, we know that communication and connection are critical.

To be able to connect shippers with carriers on our platform by sharing data and important shipment information means that the future of freight can be right in front of them all in a single pane of glass on their computer or their smart device.

A culture of growth

Shipwell is growing so fast because world-changers are flocking here to be a part of something big. The people who have built this company to where it is now have a sense of ownership and responsibility to see the shipping industry become transparent, efficient, and performant.

Does that sound like you? Are you someone who wants to build the future and never settle? Good news, we are hiring! Check out our list of open positions below.