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Freight Quotes: How tech helps shippers get better rates

Freight Quotes: How tech helps shippers get better rates

More and more businesses are switching over to Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to run their logistics departments.

However, some veteran supply chain managers might feel like they don’t need any outside help.

With Shipwell, those veterans unlock critical data and organization that will automate their daily workflow and build on their wealth of knowledge. Meanwhile, you’ll save time and get better rates for your shipments.


Get access to a wide carrier network

Shippers and 3PLs can completely redesign their workday schedule and workflows when they choose Shipwell as their Transportation Management System. 

Reclaim hours out of your day that you used to spend searching for freight carriers.

No more looking up safety scores and comparing arbitrary rates. Shipwell has a wide carrier network that shippers and 3PLs can access to spend more time growing their business and less time doing tedious manual tasks.

Use analytics to understand spend and performance

No matter how seasoned a shipping team or 3PL is, there are critical data points that go unnoticed all of the time. These data points can affect how much a company spends on its freight.

Why does this critical data not get in front of the parties that need it most? Because the supply chain generated so much data over time, it’s challenging to capture and analyze without a BI analytics tool. Plus, not every team can hire a data scientist to sift through it all and make informed decisions.

One of our newest features lets customers see Marketplace Savings. When an auction for a shipment is held, Shipwell inbounds several bids from different carriers.

Then, we calculate the average bid price and the actual run price the shipment went for, and the difference between them is the savings customers saw for that single shipment.

For companies looking for savings, we make it visible for you to experience those savings in real-time.

Shipwell’s robust analytics platform is built directly into our TMS. It gives shippers and 3PLs the data they need to make informed decisions about rates, carrier selection, and much more.

Best of all, you don’t need a data scientist to understand how to save money on freight.

With easy to review charts, graphs, and drill-downs, we put the power in your hands to identify how to save money across your supply chain.

Save time negotiating

When you’re working with carriers, what channels are you using? Phone, email, text, fax? With the help of a TMS, shippers and 3PLs can communicate directly with carriers in one platform to discuss rates and book freight faster.

Plus, when you implement a TMS platform for your supply chain, look for this key feature: book now. With the Shipwell TMS, shippers and 3PLs can set “book now” prices on their freight, allowing carriers to book it at the set rate in just a click.

Additionally, if you already have good carriers with great rates, you can import those into Shipwell and access them immediately.

Invest in better performance

Regardless of getting the cheapest rate, with Shipwell, customers get a network of trusted carriers to handle their products at high levels of quality and performance. 

Sometimes that might mean paying a little more than the cheapest rate. However, investing in better performance can save money in other areas of your business. 

Being known for having unmatched shipping practices means that your company can leverage your supply chain to your competitive advantage.

Investing in a TMS for your business operations is investing in the future of shipping.

Companies quickly see an ROI and can revolutionize how they see their supply chain. Shipwell is on the cutting edge of new technology and blends it with decades of industry expertise.

In fact, some businesses even with a complex supply chain see an ROI with Shipwell just three months into using it.

Want to sign on with Shipwell? Get a demo of our award-winning platform and find out how to supercharge your supply chain.