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Ditch old-school procurement. Upgrade to RFP Automation.
Your guide to eliminating the mini-bid grind.
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Ship more for less with automated order consolidation

Navigate capacity crunches with ease with Shipwell’s Load Optimization. From decreasing freight spend and time-to-market to improving the customer experience and sustainability, Shipwell delivers efficient order consolidation while uncovering the best mode, route and carrier options — automatically.

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Leverage built-in optimization

Seamlessly turn orders into shipments without manual process or the need for third-party applications.

  • Select orders requiring consolidation to utilize the algorithm-powered Load Optimization feature
  • Use our purpose-designed user interface for easy assessment and confirmation of plans
  • Eliminate manual data exports with full access to the feature directly built into the Shipwell platform
Load Optimization for Shippers

Realize instant savings

Automatically determine the optimal mode and calculate the cost for shipments instantly to quickly assess opportunities for reducing costs.

  • Ensure the optimal mode is used and the fewest number of trucks are required to deliver your shipments on time
  • Compare optimized and baseline costs to determine the best course of action
  • Save upwards of 40% of all miles driven while keeping all constraints for pick-up and delivery constant

Stay on track with
advanced visibility

Go beyond point-in-time tracking with end-to-end shipment tracking, clear communication and proactive exception management.

  • Quickly send created loads to your automated routing guides or broadcast to your carrier network
  • Utilize advanced visibility with over-the-map tracking and Responsive ETAs that factor in upcoming traffic and weather
  • Share real-time shipping and tracking data with your OMS, ERP, WMS
    and CRM systems
  • “Load Optimization makes it easy for me to find consolidation opportunities that save us money and minimize our shipping costs.”

    Angela Steele
    Head of Inventory & Planning
    Crowd Cow
  • “We used to spend 4-5 hours per week manually planning our shipments… Shipwell’s Load Optimization feature has changed how we operate and has helped us uncover routes we wouldn’t have considered or realized were an option.”

    Debbie Lombardo
    Shipping Manager
    Tarrier Foods
  • “I had never scheduled freight before and Shipwell made the process so easy to learn and stay on top of all the moving pieces. After only a month of running freight, I now feel confident in my ability to work with carriers and know that I am getting the best rates.”

    Angela Steele
    Head of Inventory & Planning
    Crowd Cow
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