How to Manage Orders and Quotes in Shipwell

*Note, this feature is currently in limited availability.

Create an Order

Orders can be created through connecting manually via the web platform, or by connecting to our API. Contact for more information about connecting to our API.

To create an order through the web platform, navigate to New on the left sidebar of the Shipwell platform. Click it to find and open Order.

Once Order is clicked, you’ll see a page to input your order information. Required information includes: order number, pickup and delivery addresses, and company names.

You may also include the product information, pickup and delivery dates, as well as customer and supplier reference information.

Click Save when complete.

Once your order is saved, you’ll see the orders in your dashboard. You can also access your orders anytime under the Orders Dashboard.

View any orders that exist in Shipwell by selecting “Orders” on the left navigation. You can then filter orders for “Unassigned” and “Assigned”.

Unassigned orders are those which have not been converted into a shipment. Assigned orders have been converted into a shipment.

Create a Quote from an Order

Once your order is in the Shipwell platform, you may create an LTL or FTL freight quote for it. This can be done from the Orders Dashboard by checking the box of the order(s) you’d like to ship, and select Create Quote

You can also create a quote from the individual order’s details screen.

Fill in required information needed for your quote, including: customer account, mode (LTL, VLTL, or FTL), equipment, pickup and delivery addresses, pickup date, product description, and total weight. You’ll note some information is already filled in from your order.

Press Get Quotes when you’re complete.

Instant LTL rates will appear if your mode is less than truckload, with only one pickup and one delivery. Select a rate to confirm your shipment details and book your freight.

Once your freight is booked, you can modify the shipment and track its progress by viewing the Dashboard and selecting the shipment ID.

If you selected FTL for your freight mode, you’ll be brought to a carrier marketplace, in which you can send your freight request via email to carriers. Choose your own carriers in the “Add Carriers by Tag” or “Carriers” input areas and/or select to send to the entire Shipwell Carrier Network of over 800,000 drivers.

Learn more about FTL here.

Create a Quote with Multiple Orders

In the Shipwell platform, you are also able to combine multiple orders into one freight shipment.

After you have created your orders, view the Orders Dashboard. Click the checkboxes to select the orders in which you’d like to ship. Select Create Quote.

Here, you’ll be able to create your shipment. Re-order the stops of your shipment to meet your needs, and plug in your freight mode, pickup, and product information.

Combining orders with stops that have the same address, stop type (pickup/delivery) and dates will be merged into the same stop.

Select Get Quotes.

See the other part of our onboarding information on How to Manage Shipments.