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How Shipwell helped a major player in the food supply chain industry to instantly drive greater efficiency at scale while significantly reducing spoilage.

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The Customer

Marcus Technologies is a leader in the advanced protein trading and logistics space who uses their platform to connect protein vendors, buyers, and traders. Their mission is to use technology to push the boundaries in a traditionally slow-paced industry while also creating efficiencies to help reduce food waste and spoilage.


The Challenge

Eliminating supply
chain friction

Marcus Technologies manages the transportation of protein, a highly perishable commodity, and was relying on a manual process to book their customer’s freight. They needed a reliable logistics partner to help them drive efficiencies and scale, while reducing food waste.


The Solution

A trusted logistics partner

Shipwell is a cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) that provides real-time visibility on shipments and a platform to manage an entire supply chain. Connecting to over 2 million ELD-connected units, through APIs, and native mobile apps allows us to provide real-time quoting, booking, and tracking of freight shipments with either our carrier relationships or yours.




Download the case study

Dive deeper into the challenges and Shipwell’s solutions by downloading our case study as a PDF.

The Results

Shipwell supply chain transformation

Automation was introduced by consolidating freight into Shipwell’s platform for quoting, booking and tracking. This delivered consistent savings, a better customer service experience, and ultimately reduced their number of claims in half.

Significant ROI impact in
6 months

By eliminating many of their manual freight management processes and improving visibility, they were able to reduce shipping costs by 16.4% in 6 months, scale their growing business, and reduce food waste through optimizing their supply chain.

Optimize and scale quickly and easily

With improved workflows, they were able to use fewer employees to manage day-to-day fulfillment and logistics. This allowed them to shift resources typically earmarked for manual booking processes over to more impactful projects to help them scale.

The Impact

Shipping savings in 6 months

Reduction in claims

Marcus Technologies Supply Chain ROI with Shipwell

By bringing instant access to analytics through the Shipwell platform, it’s possible to not only uncover new opportunities for reducing shipping costs, but to reduce spoilage across the food supply chain, unlock greater efficiency and drive consistent savings week-over week — even as you grow your business.


  • “Shipwell has helped us scale in a way we didn’t think possible.”

    Billy Marcus
    Marcus Technologies
  • “I used to spend the majority of my day writing emails and on the phone with vendors but now Shipwell has allowed me to focus on higher level projects. It’s been a life changer.”

    Abiel Venezuela
    Logistics Manager
    Marcus Technologies
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