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Best TMS during produce season

Get the recipe for supply chain success with a best-in-class TMS

Managing a supply chain during produce season is a lot like cooking — without the right tools and ingredients, it often doesn’t turn out as planned. Get the results you’re after with Shipwell’s best-in-class Transportation Management System (TMS), featuring an integrated capacity network, end-to-end visibility, increased control, and cost savings to get your products delivered on time, and on budget.

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An integrated capacity network

Access instant capacity across multiple modes to ensure you can always get your shipments out on time and on budget with the best cloud-based TMS.

  • Connect with over 2 million ELD-connected units and 850,000 drivers
  • Access our diverse and reliable network of FTL, LTL, final mile, parcel and drayage carriers
  • Quickly find carriers and instantly quote, book and track through the platform
  • Ensure carrier compliance through automated RMIS and SaferWatch checks

A complete end-to-end visibility TMS

Ensure advanced visibility with end-to-end tracking of shipments, clear communication, and proactive management of exceptions — all on a single platform.

  • Eliminate blind spots with visibility into 96% of driving distance
  • Receive proactive alerts and address issues instantly from a single screen
  • Leverage advanced over-the-map traffic and weather monitoring and Responsive ETAs for increased control
  • Access real-time reports on product, shipping lane, carrier and more with over 250 data touchpoints

Shipwell TMS: The secret ingredient for produce shipping season

From tight capacity to even tighter deadlines, produce season comes with its own unique challenges for every shipper across the supply chain — but Shipwell’s all-in-one TMS has solutions. From instant access to premium capacity to end-to-end visibility, discover how we can help you serve up success.

Empower your mobile workforce

Support an increasingly mobile workforce with Shipwell’s “all in one” mobile app with access to a TMS and a visibility solution. The app enables shippers to manage their supply chain 24/7 no matter where they are working from.

  • Enjoy a faster and more user friendly experience than any web responsive app on the market
  • Leverage all the features and functions of Shipwell’s TMS and visibility tool remotely
  • Enable your remote and home-based shippers to stay connected and in control of the supply chain from anywhere

Load optimization

Built-in load optimization allows for rapid shipment creation from orders while automatically uncovering the most efficient mode and route options to minimize shipping costs.

  • Reduce upwards of 40% of all miles driven for a reduction of over 25% in transportation expenses through consolidation
  • Ensure routing plans adhere to all delivery windows while minimizing the number of carriers involved
  • Eliminate the need for manual optimization with no need for third party technology or additional integrations
  • “Shipwell is eons ahead of our last solution, which required me to do all updates manually. Shipwell provides everything we needed, plus things we didn’t even know we needed.”

    Jennifer Haller
    Logistics Manager
    Paris Foods
  • “The reason we love Shipwell so much is the ability to track shipments in real-time and share that information with our customers. Today’s businesses want the peace of mind to focus on their business… and we were able to help our customers do that through Shipwell.”

    Drew Soeder
    Supply Chain Manager
  • “I used to spend the majority of my day writing emails and on the phone with vendors but now Shipwell has allowed me to focus on higher level projects. It’s been a life changer.”

    Abiel Venezuela
    Logistics Manager
    Marcus Technologies
  • “I used to have to wait 2 to 3 days to get quotes back, but with Shipwell, rates come back fast and usually cheaper than expected.”

    Jake Spencer
    Customer Service and Logistics Manager
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Ready to serve up supply chain success?

Don’t get burned by your supply chain this produce season. Request a personalized demo today to see how Shipwell can help to satisfy your appetite for supply chain success this season — and beyond.