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The holiday season is no vacation for supply chains. How did yours handle Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The holiday season is no vacation for supply chains. How did yours handle Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be in the rear-view mirror, but the holiday season is right around the corner. And with the National Retail Association predicting holiday sales to rise over 10%, now is the time to assess how your supply chain handled the recent surge. In fact, identifying and addressing underperforming and cost-increasing components is critical to delivering the best customer service and maintaining bottom-line goals.

Supply chain data is often located in disparate systems making it increasingly complex to assess holistically and have a single source truth. However, the Shipwell platform is fundamentally different because it’s built on top of a business intelligence layer that centralizes supply chain data, enabling holistic and in-depth analysis. The platform also processes and normalizes data to create analysis and reports to monitor and improve your supply chain performance. Across seven dashboards Shipwell offers over 50 different reports, including:

Monthly spend broken down by mode

See which modes are driving the largest share of your freight costs

Monthly savings against the marketplace

Compare costs relative to peers/other shippers to ascertain if paying above or below market rates

Carrier On-Time Pickup and Delivery performance

Deep dive into the performance of each carrier to uncover issues and work more with those providing reliable service

Pickup and delivery facility performance

Understand which of your and your customer’s facilities are causing bottlenecks and slowdowns

Carrier compliance overall and broken down individually

Ensure carriers are fully insured and compliant through integrations with RMIS, FMCSA and Saferwatch

On the Shipwell platform, all reports are interactive through dynamic filtering so you can dig deeper in any area required. Reports can be downloaded or shared in multiple formats (PDF, visualization, or CSV) via email, on a one-off or scheduled basis, to individuals or groups to provide visibility across your organization.

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Shipwell customers can access all of these in-depth analytics directly on the platform.