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“Shipwell has helped us scale in a way that we didn’t think was possible”
— Billy Marcus, CEO of Marcus Technologies

Case study | PDF

Read how Marcus Technologies realized immediate ROI with Shipwell partnership

Screen shot of marcus tech case study

Case study | Video

See how Marcus Technologies is reducing food waste in their supply chain

How do your dwell times compare to your competitors?

Efficiency is more critical now than ever. Stay ahead of the curve in today's volatile market.

With our free map, you can instantly see average dwell times at the state level, then zoom in to view data for individual facilities.

Lessons learned from Covid-19

During black swan events like Covid-19, resilient supply chains are not a luxury -- they’re imperative.Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on some...

Deliver delight with Shipwell parcel services

There is no denying that supply chains are speeding up to accommodate customer demand. Companies are stuck in a cycle where consumer demand ...

Know Your Pro: Meet Jacob!

We sat down with Jacob Gordon, our Director of Analytics, to chat through everything from data science to brunch! Get to know one of the...

Giving Thanks to our Carrier Partners

In the spirit of the holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to reflect and express gratitude to our partners. Relationships and trust are...

Navigating the Black Friday Supply Chain

According to a report from Adobe Analytics posted last year, online sales from Black Friday jumped 23.6 percent from a year ago.


Food and bev shipping guide

Download this free guide to learn how to get competitive pricing data, protect your margins, and boost on-time delivery rates.

SaaS White Paper Resource

TMS Software Whitepaper

Learn the three TMS software must-have features to help you navigate critical capacity and visibility challenges.

LTL Whitepaper

Get quick takeaways and insightful expert knowledge to start making LTL a critical part of your supply chain.

Shipwell Overview

Get quick takeaways and insightful expert knowledge to start making LTL a critical part of your supply chain.

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Fail Faster, Ship Better – Rules for routing guide success

Advances in dynamic data, workflow automation, and predictive analytics enable shippers to dramatically improve existing routing guides, while also extending their benefits into other aspects of shipping.

Title Slide for Web Graphics - Pricing Intel Webinar

Intelligent Pricing for 2020 and Beyond

Pricing is part art, part science. Shipwell’s Kris Glotzbach, Chief Revenue Officer, and Jacob Gordon, Director of Data Science, show how data analytics can help you develop smarter, more effective pricing.

Title Slide: Building a Resilient Supply Chain

Building a Resilient Supply Chain: 5 Lessons Learned from Covid-19

What has the shipping industry learned from Covid-19? Shipwell President and Cofounder Jason Traff and a panel of industry experts take on that question during this webinar on building more resilient supply chains. Learn how to stay competitive during volatile times.

Cover Slide of Shipwell Webinar

Navigating Black Swan Events: The Power of Cloud-Based Automation, Visibility, and Data

Learn how to navigate supply chain challenges in the wake of an increasingly volatile market

Staying in Budget When Market Factors Shift

Learn how to navigate supply chain challenges

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